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Harangi River | South-West Monsoon is the Source of Water

River Kaveri is one of the most devoted rivers that flow across Karnataka, it is a goddess that is worshipped in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states that it flows. However, the Kaveri River is not just a huge river by itself it is a major river that is accompanied by tributaries.

Out of the many tributaries to Kaveri River is the Harangi River.

Harangi River Information

  • River Source: Pushpagiri Hills, Kodagu, Karnataka.
  • States Covered: Karnataka.
  • Districts Covered: Kodagu and Mysore.
  • Dams: Hudgur village, Somwarpet taluk, Kodagu district.
  • Meeting Place: Kudige, Somwarpet taluk (with River Kaveri)
  • Total Length: 50 Km.
  • Size: 419.6 sq Km.

Source of the River

Harangi River originates in Pushpagiri hills in Kodagu, Karnataka and it reaches Somwarpet Taluka. 

The catchment area of the river is 717km2 and the length of the river from its origin to it joining Kaveri river is said to be 50kms. It confluences with the Kaveri River near Kudige in Somwarpet taluk.

Places Nearby

During monsoon, the river water is at its height and is a popular destination for a picnic as the views are scenic and many people chose to hike through the hills where the river flows.

The Dubare Forest is located near the Harangi Dam and India’s second-largest monastery- the Namdroling Monastery is said to have been located approximately 13kms from the dam.

Harangi Reservoir

Harangi Reserviour, Rivers in Karnataka, Harangi River
Harangi Reserviour

The reservoir is built to provide the main source of water for agriculture and this masonry dam built on the Mysore-Kodagu border is one of the major sources of water for agriculture irrigation. 

The dam is located 36kms from Coorg and is 47m tall. The dam was built across the Harangi River has a capacity of 8.5tmc of water and water from here irrigates 1.5 acres of land in Mysore and Hassan. 

During the peak monsoon weather, the reservoir will be full and after the monsoon, the water is emptied for agricultural use. 

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