What are the unique features of Hawa Mahal and why it is famous?

Hawa Mahal means the palace of the breeze or the palace of the winds. It is one of the famous landmarks of Jaipur, the Pink City of the country India.

Hawa Mahal Information

LocationJaipur, Rajasthan
Founded ByMaharaja Sawai Pratap Singh 
Founded In1799
ArchitectMr. Lal Chand Usta
Timing9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Daily)

History of the Palace

The palace HAWA MAHAL was built by Maharaja Jai Singh and was designed by Ustad Lal Chand in the year 1799 in a form of a crown of Lord Krishna, Hindu God.

Maharaja Sawai Singh was the ruler of Rajasthan of Kachwaha clan and was an original builder and planner who has built the palace in the city Jaipur in 1727.

Sawai Pratap was his grandson and the son of Sawai Madhosingh who had built HAWA MAHAL in the year 1799 in the continuation of the Palace of the royal city.

Pratap Singh gave deep devotion towards the Hindu god, Krishna and inferred to prompt him to build the palace with dedication and in the type of mukuta, the adorning Lord.

However, no historical record has been available to the exact history and is conjectured with the Royal family women.

HAWA MAHAL was built in a style amidst the luxurious comforts behind the strictly screened exclusivities which are unseen by any of the outsiders.

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The Architecture of Hawa Mahal

Its unique five stored architecture is akin to the honeycomb of the beehive with small windows of about 953 which are also being called jharokhas and they are decorated by an intricate latticework.

The original motto of this lattice was to permit the royal women to observe everyday life in down the street without being caught seen by anyone as they had to perceive the strict purdah system which implies the covering of the face.

The palace is beautifully built of pink and red sandstone. It is situated over the primary thoroughfare in the hearts of the Business Centre in Jaipur. It also forms the part of a City Palace.

The palace is extended to Zenana meaning women’s chambers or the chambers of the harem. It is mainly striking when is being viewed in the early morning time, lit with a golden light of the sunrise.

The height of the palace is about 50 feet or 15 meters from the high base.

The top 3 floors of the monument have a dimension of 1 room width while at first and the second floor have patios at the front and rear side of the monument.

The front elevations which have been seen from the street are similar to any beehives’ honeycomb web having small portholes. Each and every porthole has the miniature window and the carved sandstone grill, domes, and finials.

It is the veritable mass of the semi-octagonal base and gives the building a unique façade. The inner portion of the backside of this monument comprises of a need-based chamber which is built with the pillars along with the corridors at least ornamentation reaching to the most top floor.

The interior portion of the palace HAWA MAHAL has been mentioned as the room of different colored marbles and relieved as inlaid panels and gildings whereas the fountains adorn a center of a courtyard.

The entry of the palace is made through the imperial door which opens into the large courtyard having double storied building over 3 sides.

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