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What Are The Hidden Secrets Behind Mobile Flash Sale?

Do you purchase mobile online? If Yes, most of you will know about flash sales where huge discounts will be given only for a short period of time on different e-commerce sites. Today I am going to reveal the hidden secrets behind mobile flash sales you didn’t know about, Are you curious to know? Let’s get in.

Many times you will be waiting to purchase a mobile on flash sales but the thing is will show the products are not available, why so? Before that the main reason for flash sales to become popular is Xiaomi, I think you will agree because you can notice the flash sales more happen with this company. At least you will be able to see 2-3 mobiles displayed on flash sales every month.

You may get the dought if they sell in regular markets either online or offline they can earn more but why they do so?

For the answer, you need to know a little bit about the history behind the flash sales why it started? It all started with small companies, where they cannot produce a big quantity of mobiles without knowing whether sales would happen or not so to test, get feedback, and once they get the confidence they will produce more quantities and release. From this method, companies will be able to decide whether it is profitable manufacturing more mobiles or not.

Xiaomi adopts a similar strategy to attract more customers in India, as the company says they have made 3-4 lakh mobile sales in the flash sale. The true fact is they don’t achieve the said number in real-time, they do it purposely to create hype in the market and create more demand.

That means will they not give mobiles on flash sale? No, they will provide but in small quantities, and moreover it’s not about only Xiaomi, almost all the companies who participate in the flash sales do the same. If the product is not good, then the next products flash sales will be a failure.

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There are some advantages and disadvantages of this flash sales, firstly you get cheaper prices compared to the original price with more features. On the other side, people make business in the black market where they buy through different mail id’s and sell it for a higher price.

Some real buyer is not getting the product on flash sale and hence, they are switching to other brands, this is the main reason flash selling companies has to consider. What I would suggest to them is till they make a brand it is a good option, even after branded if this method continued people don’t like it. So what do you think about this, comment below!

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