Our Third Event of Hopes | Need Base India

Need base india

Need Base India (a foundation for the protection and development of children) is a non-profit organization created in December 2009 with the intention fundamental rights of children, protection, children, orphans, children out of school or children in difficult situations.

Why Did We Choose Need Base India?

Since we have helped few others NGOs before like Saraswathi SevashramaSama Foundation, etc. we had the experience how talented the children are, then while we were searching new NGO we got the attention on Need Base India.

We got the chance to meet the caretaker any ask few question about from where the children are coming from their backgrounds, etc.

Then we came to know that the children on street, homeless children, Government recommended children and some parents leave their children in the public places purposefully and go, those kinds of children are been bought here and given education, place to stay and taken care of their growth.

Thanks to the Sponsors who have sponsored Biscuits, Books - Manav Charities & Stationary like LED Lights & Mosquito Bats - Hopes Team , for joining our helping hands for the upcoming talents in the NGOs.

We tried our best to motivate the children by giving examples of life, how their goals should be and more, we played games with them totally enjoyed the day a lot, the pics are shown below. But after the event we got a requirement from the NGO that someone to take Hindi classes for children and no one is their to take.

Finally Manjunath in our Hopes team tried his best and taken initiative to bring someone to teach, and his effort made us to get Volunteer name Abhilasha Singh who agreed to teach Hindi for the children weekly basis and till now she has put lot of effort to make understand Hindi better way and now slowly even children are responding positively to learn the things, thanks for taking initiative both of you.

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