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An event conducted by hopes to entertain children, inspire them and provide food

The Sama Foundation is a volunteer organization run by a group of people with disabilities. The Sama Foundation strives to develop a society where "ALL ARE EQUAL". Civil society must be safe from hunger; poverty; discrimination and exploitation, with special emphasis on children with disabilities.

The disability people are struggling to help others what about you? You once visit these places you will got to know how well they are working, we have all the things proper but we don't think about others, so please we request everyone to contribute towards nation in any way.

Why did we choose Sama Foundation ?

As we started the hopes we were in the search of other NGOs for our Second event, in the mean while one of my childhood friend told me that this Sama Foundation is helping people why don't you visit the place and decide, my friend was Rohith SA .

Then we went to the Sama Foundation to take the requirements and what way we can  contribute to them, suddenly a women came to us we were surprised that she was blind but only physically blind not mentally, she was guiding us with the details how many children are there, place, etc.

We spoke about this in college authorities about the situation, the kids were all mixture of physically disabled, mentally disabled and normal kids, so at last we decided to entertain the kids.

Recently while we were doing all these, an organization called Disha who is working day and night to make the youth aware about our nation, in fact we also got inspired with them came to our college and motivated us with the thinking's of Swami Vivekananda so we though of taking them there, they also did not reject they accepted to join the event.

For good cause everyone join the hands we say that was very true in our event, later when we were discussing about the event in teacher's staff room one of our Income Tax teacher heard of this her name was Chaya who told us she will contribute for food for the event.

Finally we reached over that Government school primary school in Chikkagollarahatti the some kids were staying in different localities they were bought over there and we started the event along with my sister's they also helped us.

This was the school where the disability students were there in a room, mainly we should be proud that in all Government schools they are allowing these kind of people for accommodations through NGOs, So we planned for the activities before we reach over there, planned for games, food arrangement, contacted Disha team to inspire kids with the stories.



We are glad that our event went really interesting and entertained children for a day at least, there will be lessons for everyone to be learnt by seeing them, even we can’t explain the feel, one who mingle with them and talk with them only then you can realize the real life, and for sure i’m telling we are leaving in a state better than many people around the world.

You are lucky enough that you are not like them and living with your parents, so be satisfied with the things what you have, this journey will never end of hopes it will keep moving forward till the people see the light in their lives..

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