Saraswathi Sevashrama

Saraswathi Sevashrama is an NGO, they take care of children who's parents are not there or some children's parents can't look over due to financial problem or other, those kind of kids are taken care over there.

Behind the Every Dark Clouds, there is Always a Silver Lining

Hopes is an Volunteer program to identify the needs of the people and try to fulfill up-to maximum extent as possible. Started in the KLE S Nijalingappa college Rajajinagar, Bengaluru. This was started initially without having any name for the work we were doing. Me(CHETHAN M) and my friend (M GANESH DESAI) started before the Hopes launched in college days in 2013-14.

Why did we Help Saraswathi Sevashrama?

We were aspired to do something good for the society and identified a NGO called Sarawathi Sevashrama in Mahalakshmipuram Layout, normally people get questions like who gonna get information, from where the funds to be generated but we both did not think on those lines we just did it.

Here are the few images that we went and collected information by speaking with children


Saraswathi Sevashrama board

In the mean while we tried to contact any sponsors then we met Ganesh relative who was running an NGO called Manava Charities who has helped us by providing lot of books, stationary and beds, also at the same time in our college they started same kind of platform what we were doing, but in the name of Hopes, we planned to collect whatever co-student can contribute.

We are surprised that we got huge stationary din’t expected the support like that before anyways we had enough collective provided by manava charities so we gave to them and the collected college materials we kept for next event.

Finally we collected from different sources and helped the children by providing them all needed things.

We did not stop there we thought of doing something worthlessness since, children rarely go out to play, we found the entertaining factor was missing for them and thought of arranging a magic show with my friend Mohammed Idris a famous magician one of my school friend too, I spoke with him he accepted for doing free.

The children were organised Magic Show in the same NGO, all the children felt very happy. we were glad that everything happened just like that. Everyone supported us and we made it. People do their routine jobs but in between please help others and see the satisfaction you get! You can’t even imagine how we felt.

Some Magic Show Images with kids

Finally we believed that when we do good things people will recognize and join the community to help others only thing which stuck with people is with the starting problem or else they can do wonders.

We are glad to work with Saraswathi Sevashrama it will be remembered for our life since we started here, Now after 3-4 years we have planned to continue the same work with the name HOPES, please visit our site for updates and join your hands with us to save our community, not only humans needed help there are trees, environment, animals also needed help. Let Us Bring Some Changes For Our Future Generation.

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