Horror Story in Mumbai – A Gang Rape Made on Dog

Gang Rape Made on Dog

In a horrific incident reported in Mumbai, four men assaulted and raped a male dog in the Malwani area of ​​West Maladi on Saturday.

A non-governmental animal protection organization, “Animals Matter To Me” (AMTM), said that the dog had been taken to a veterinarian where it was being treated.

According to a report published in Deccan Chronicle, it was reported that the dog was seen in the area of ​​Malwani Church, which disappeared for a day.

He was later found lying in a pool of blood with his mutilated genitalia. Dr. Ankita Pathak, founder of ANTM, told the newspaper that the dog was severely traumatized.

Every time someone approaches him or tries to touch him, he screams and is afraid. It seems that someone tried to bend their hind legs near the pelvis.

Currently, doctors are trying to stabilize the dog by treating it for pain and reducing the infection due to bleeding throughout the day.

At the same time, Sudha Fernandes, a resident of the area, regularly fed the dogs and saw him suffer. She told the newspaper that when she kept the food close to him, he cried in pain and did not allow anyone to touch him. Fernandes also indicated that he would file a complaint with the police against the accused.

Meanwhile, a motorist told Fernandes that four men had raped the dog, which was intoxicated. He added that the dog should be admitted immediately because his legs were closely linked while he was sexually assaulted.

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The crying dog alerted the driver, but when the defendant arrived, they had escaped from the place.

People are becoming so cruel now a days they have forgotten humanity and becoming like animals, even animals will have at least some animality. The case should be taken seriously and punish them with severe punishment so that people should not involve in such cases in future.