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How Ghost Saves a Lady From Accident? You Will Be Shocked to See

We have seen superheroes in the movies but are there superheroes in real life? Or is it a Ghost who saved the lady life, don’t know see the video below!

I still couldn’t figure out what just happened, a lady was crossing in mid night where a car was near to her she moved quickly, behind there was another car coming fast she could not notice at the time of hitting the magic happened!

Suddenly a man like thing comes quickly from no where and saved her life by lifting her to the other end of the road, and in the end you can observe the man like superhero or Ghost, leaves her safely with one hand and moves away.

What do you think about this video, comment below who it may be? Is it a Ghost, or a person who is having a superpower in real life, or you think it is an edited video? let me know.

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