How To Add Google Translate To Your Website

Today people are not only searching Google in English, but people prefer to search on their regional and  their other local languages, How to add Google Translate to your website?

Do you feel it is hard to put the option for your readers to use translator in your website? Don’t worry it is just a simple process you need to follow the steps given below, only one script you can put Google translator on your website.

What is the benefit?

Many readers want to read in their local language which gives them comfortable reading to understand easily. Sometimes the other foreign people who doesn’t know English they can translate and read.

In Google translate there are more than 100+ languages to convert within fraction of seconds.

How to add Google Translate to your WordPress Website? Steps To Be Followed.

Step 1: 

Go to if you are signed in to Google Account, it will directly go to the next step or else it will prompt to sign in, after that you will see the screen like below shown.

Step 2:

Click on “Add to your website now” button to go to next step.




Step 3:

In this step you have to do 2 things

  • In the given blank space enter your website URL (for example:
  • Then Choose your Original language of your website from the available languages in the drop-down by default it will be English

Click on Next Button

Step 4:

  • On this page you need to choose preferred languages to convert or select all languages as per your requirement.
  • And select the display mode how you want your translator widget to be looked like, there are 3 options – Vertical, Horizontal and Drop down.
  • You have some additional options to track and display a banner for other languages people apart from the default language on your site, you can tick mark any as per your requirement.

 Step 5:

On the next step you will find an html code of the widget you created, need to be inserted on your website.

Step 6:

Just simply copy the code and decide where you want to place it, if you wish to put on sidebar widget, take a text widget there you’ll find 2 things on your right corner visual and html, go to html and paste the code and save it OR if you need in the content place the cursor where you need and go to html editor and paste and save it.

Now your readers can convert to any available language as per their need very quick and easy. This process is shown for the WordPress websites without using any plugin.