How to Contact an HR of a Company? Job Searching Techniques, Dos and Dont’s

How to Contact an HR of a Company, How do I contact the HR of a company, Job Searching Techniques, Dos and Dont's, How do I get an HR email address, Why Do You Want to Contact the HR of a Company, How to Contact an HR of a Specific Company, What You Shouldn't Do While Contacting an HR or Recruiter
Best Way to Contact an HR of a Company

If you are looking for a new job opportunity, you may find difficulty in finding the right person to contact or HR of the company, and even if you find it, you may not know how to communicate with them, so we are here to guide you with some advice.

The first thing is to master your skill that matches the job you are desiring, then create a professional CV for the job you want to apply for. After your CV is ready, search for a relevant job in online job portals or find a career page directly on the company website. Before applying, edit your LinkedIn profile more professional, update relevant skills, add certifications, and add the portfolio, projects you handled, it may be a part of your Graduation, or if you have work experience you can add your previous company projects. Once you’ve edited everything, you have a few options to contact the recruiter before that know the reason why you want to contact HR.

Why Do You Want to Contact the HR of a Company?

After applying for the job then you try to get in touch with the HR of the company, by doing this you will look proactive in their mind and showcases that you have the interest to work in their company. So, before contacting HR know some information about the company online that may help in your communication.

Be Creative and Straight to the Point While Contacting Recruiter

Record a Video CV, Why Do You Want to Contact the HR of a Company, How to Contact an HR of a Company, Job Searching Techniques, HR
Record a Video CV

Now people are giving more importance for video then plain text, so you can outstand from others by showing your creativeness by sending a video CV, mention that you are looking for a job vacancy, and have already sent the CV in text format. This way you can show your interest to work in their company, this will grab the attention of the recruiter indirectly help you in getting hired.

How to Contact an HR of a Specific Company?

Some companies put the HR contact details on their own websites, or they will have a form to fill in the career option. But still, most people now prefer to contact on Linkedin hence I said to update your profile first, because whenever you contact someone first thing they do is they see your profile who you are. Here you can find the HR of a specific company if not request other members of the company to give the contact details of HR.

What You Shouldn’t Do While Contacting an HR or Recruiter?

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that HR or the recruiter will have busy schedules, to get in touch with them don’t often try to connect. If you get the response for your message, respect their valuable time, and send only the asked questions and avoid pleading or unnecessary talks to keep it professional. Follow up calls or emails are fine but doing it often may reverse effect and they may start neglecting you.

Once they have a vacancy and match your job profile they will invite you for the interview till then, have some patience and apply for other relevant companies as well.

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