Best Image Size Reducer Online- Free Image Optimization Tools For Compression

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List of Image Size Reducer Online

Image Size Reducer – Do you want to Compress and optimize the images for your website/blog to load faster? Do you want the right place where you can get all the information regarding image size reducer online? Do you want to reduce the jpeg file size to 20 KB or 10 KB?

Yes! It is possible and you are in the right place to get the hints to get the best techniques to be the first to compete with your competitors.

Why should we compress image size? As a web developer or Digital Marketing person, he knows the importance of image optimization for the websites it plays a vital role to increase speed and helps in ranking and decrease the bounce rate.

Even for personal use many times due to the storage problem people search to reduce the file size of images.

Everyone cannot afford the Photoshop-like software to reduce image size so we thought of letting you know even without software how to compress and optimize the images by using image size reducer tools.

There are many different types we can reduce the image size, even it differs from the device you use, maybe desktop or the mobile, the ways are different which has been explained here but the goal is same, so you can opt for which you are comfortable.

Different Methods to Reduce Image Size Online

How do you reduce image size without losing quality?

There are only 2 ways you can do it, either you can reduce the dimension of the image or you can decrease the pixels by decreasing the resolution of the image. Here we will show you a simple method with steps.

Method 1: Use MS Paint to Decrease File Size of an Image

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Reduce Image Size

Step 1: Open MS Paint in your Computer/Laptop.

Step 2: From file menu go to open and select the image you want to import or even you can drag and drop the image after opening MS Paint.

Step 3: You need to decide either you want to decrease the dimension or the resolution, based on your requirement.

Step 4: In MS Paint you can see resize option in the Home tab click on it, a dialogue box opens and you’ll have 2 options percentage and pixels select anyone and you can resize by changing the values in both horizontal and vertical.

Step 5: Go to file menu click on save as and select a format you want and select location to save, then click OK.

Check the properties of the image before and after, definitely, the file size will be reduced in both cases of percentage or pixels.

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Method 2: Top Best Tools for Image Compression and Optimization Online

There are many formats for the image like JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, SVG, and more… each format will have its own properties.

Let us see what types of online websites and tools are available to reduce image size online to compress and optimize for your web pages, emails, social media, etc.

1., Image size reducer tries to obtain a high level of compression without losing the quality of the images with maximum possibility.

This tool can be used in seconds, your images will be ready soon so, I personally recommend this tool which can take all JPEG, PNG, SVG, and Gif formats and convert to reduce file size.

2. Tiny PNG


Tiny PNG is the famous tool for compressing JPEG and PNG images with tons of features and possibilities, as the name suggests for PNG image optimization it is highly recommended.

It allows bulk optimization of 20 images at the same time, 5 MB is needed to compress the images and can be downloaded or saved in Dropbox.

3. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG-Optimizer, Image size reducer

JPEG Optimizer is a very simple image optimizer that allows you to put images online, by reducing the size of images in KB.

This tool has the specialty not only to compress and optimize but can also resize the JPEG image, resulting in a drastic reduction in file size.

4. Optimizilla


Optimizilla provides maximum low-level file size by compressing images(JPEG, PNG) with good quality.

It shows a slider where you can see before and after version of compression with 20 images at a time separately.

5. is a great tool to compress images in bulk and can download them as a zip file to save time.

This tool has many features, but only in the pro version, it includes multiple image sources, resizing, etc. These are the advantages of using image size reducer online.

6. ImageRecycle

ImageRecycle, Image size reducer

Image Recycle compresses all your JPEG, GIF and PNG images and the result is pretty good. Simply drag and drop the images, it also provides with a video tutorial on how to use it.

It will show a detailed report of your website by analyzing all images which need to be optimized furthermore, so it will be easy for you.

7. CompressNow


CompressNow is a simple online optimization tool. In this tool, you can upload images from your system in different formats and can set a percentage of compression according to your needs.

Even the preview is available on the right-hand side that you can see and adjust as per compelling to your eye, it is the ultimate image size reducer in KB online.

8. Trimage


Trimage is an image optimization tool that works differently, in which all metadata and EXIF data are removed as much as possible. You can compress JPEG and PNG images.


9. Online Image Optimizer


Online Image Optimizer is like a dynamic player that optimizes all important formats, so that image size reduces.

With this tool, even you can change the format of the image to another, this is the additional feature you have.

10. Resize Photos


Resize Photos is one of the free online image optimization tools and you can resize images with a selection of output formats

Here, they have given a range to compress the images from 1-100 and it is a type of image size reducer in KB.

11. GiftOfSpeed


Giftofspeed has many options that you can use to get statistics, here JPEG and PNG images can be compressed.

It can also resize the image and enhance speed.

12. JPEGmini


JPEGmini is a compression tool that acts as a diet to reduce the size of the image

It maintains the quality of images that can be seen with a slider present there.

14. Convert Image

Convert Image

Convert image is an online optimization tool used to convert the JPEG format to other formats such as BMP, ICO, GIF, PNG and more options to get better speed, which helps to reduce the size of the image in kb.

15. PNGGauntlet


PNG Gauntlet is a Png Optimization tool that compresses the images.

It is downloadable and compatible with other compressors such as PNGOut, OptiPNG with good quality.

Method 3: Android Mobile Apps to Reduce Image Size

1. Reduce Photo Size

Reduce Photo Size Online, Image size reducer

Reduce Photo Size is an application for Android users available in the google play store that reduces the image file size by having the feature resizing ability.

Here you can upload the image from your gallery or take a new one from the app itself, check the original file size of an image before and after resizing.

You can use the predefined dimensions available in the app, or if you need a specific height and width, you have the option to resize the custom dimension and don’t forget to save the image in the end.

2. DeComp


DeComp is one of the best and fastest applications to compress or reduce the size of images as you are looking for.

This application is free and available in the Google Play Store for Android phones.

This app decodes your image option to set the minimum and maximum image quality, simply configure the quality and start to compress, the applications also have the option to share images.


We hope you have got enough knowledge to reduce the size of the image file online by compressing and optimizing for your work, which can drastically change the speed and ranking of your web pages, save storage space or for uploading to social media and other websites with a definite size.


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