India’s Coronavirus Cases Crosses 600,000

India’s Coronavirus Cases Crosses 600,000, Covid Update, India, Latest News, Trending
India’s Coronavirus Cases Crosses 600,000

With the easing of Lockdown happening termed Unlock 2.0, the coronavirus count in India has crossed 600,000 on Thursday and there are a total of 17,834 deaths till the latest bulletin was announced. Authorities have been battling against the disease since the breakdown occurred in India.

Fresh challenges have appeared in India, where the Northeast is affected by torrential rains which have caused flash floods and landslides which has resulted in 57 deaths and millions migrating. In Bihar people were killed by lightning strikes which and is one of the worst affected places.

Assam’s health minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, said the state had started testing aggressively to identify coronavirus cases among villagers forced to take shelter in community halls, schools, and government buildings. “We were isolating new coronavirus hotspots; the situation is very critical,” Sarma told to the reporters.

The fear of being quarantined in poorly maintained government care centers is forcing many people to get tested for Covid-19. This is the case even after the government imposed strict lockdown.

The Unlock 2.0 was announced recently which has helped to ease many businesses however, states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc which have seen record growth in cases that have prompted authorities to extend lockdown in respective states.

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