Is Mayureswar Driest Place Of West Bengal?

Is Mayureswar Driest Place Of West Bengal, Mayureswar, West Bengal, Driest Place, India
Mayureswar Driest Place of West Bengal

Yes, we can consider Mayureswar is one of the Driest Place of West Bengal because Mayureswar is a block of the Birbhum district of West Bengal state. The district itself is the driest place in the state, the reason is it receives less than 140 cm rainfall in the region annually.

The western part of the district is an extension of Chota Nagpur Plateau, it is not suitable land for agriculture due to the loose reddish lateritic low fertility soil and hence it becomes the driest place. On the other side in the east part has the major river and has alluvial soil which is good for the cultivation of plants.

In India, most of the people involved in agricultural practices but here in Birbhum district became a problem and hence it is listed as a backward region of West Bengal and receive the financial support from the central government in the form of the Backward Regions Grant Fund, it is the fund to balance the regional development. In 2012, 272 districts across the country were included in this program in which 11 districts of West Bengal also included.

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