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Jai Jagadish Shocking Remuneration From Bigg Boss Reality Show

Do you know how much remuneration received by Jai Jagadish after coming out from Bigg Boss reality show?

Bigg Boss Kannada has always been one of Kannada Television’s most anticipated reality shows. Since the beginning of season 7, it has created a buzz in Karnataka.

A few weeks were individual tasks and fights were going on, from the past week the entire contestants are been split into 2 groups, now contestants’ strategies and behavior also changed but going good.

People of Karnataka wait for the clock to switch on the channel to see Bigg Boss and vote for their favorite ones, as days pass by even strong contestants are going out every week as per the voting.


Last week 11 strong contestants were nominated for elimination but Jai Jagadish received lesser votes hence he came out from the house. However, if you know the remuneration of Jai Jagadish for staying in Bigg Boss House you will be shocked.

Yes Bigg Boss fans, as you all know Jai Jagadish came out from the house with lesser votes. He stayed for 5 weeks and played really well, even some players were talking about his spirit and enthusiasm last week.

As per the source, we came to know that he received Rs.40,000 per week x 5 which sums to 2 Lakh Rupees as remuneration. Jai Jagadish was a senior member of the Bigg Boss house and was a source of inspiration to the contestants.

He also said in a television interview that this Bigg Boss journey impacted a lot in his life, and also said his goal was not on the 50 Lakhs. Also stated in the Film Industry this amount is not a big amount, only the experience in the show is very important to learn many things over there.

Jai Jagdish remuneration is the highest among the contestants, some fans felt bad because of his elimination but still, curiosity remains who will be eliminated this week and who wins the title of Bigg Boss.

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