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Jio, Airtel & Vodafone Increasing Data Pack Rates | Why?


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Don’t be a shock to hear Jio, Airtel & Vodafone Increasing Data Pack Rates soon. I was knowing this will happen from the day Jio started its low rate services to the customers.

Why is this happening? Do you have any idea!

A few years back Gio gave Internet data for free then introduced cheapest plans in India for unlimited data and calls for a certain period of time. I say it was a revolution but now what?

Now Jio is becoming expensive day by day because any company to attract the customers they develop a marketing strategy likewise Jio also used the strategy and captured a large customer base.

Just think how the company can give you free, it can be a short term strategy but it cannot survive if it continues.


Any company will have its expenses it has to give rent for all branches, government taxes, employee’s salaries, to bring new technology, etc.

Vodafone has said in a statement that from 1st December 2019 they are increasing the rates, even Airtel and Jio are been expected the same, anytime while you reading only may come the statement.

The main reason for increasing the Rates is the companies are going into losses, to recover that and to earn profits this measure is taking place.

There are many countries that provide free Internet for their citizens, even in India I wish to happen the same but here it is difficult due to the political interventions.

I have seen in my childhood these types of strategies used by other companies, for example, if you remember there was Spice Telecom company just like Jio, Airtel which was providing the call rates very cheap later increased the rates.

Till now due to the competition customer benefited a lot from the telecom companies but no it’s the time for them to collect all back.

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