JioMart Online Grocery Service is Now Available in 200 Cities in India

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JioMart Online Grocery Service

Reliance Industries has launched an online grocery service called JioMart, the head of its grocery retail business, in an effort to compete with the local unit of and Walmart’s Flipkart in the Great Indian Market.

JioMart will deliver groceries to more than 200 cities across the country, Damodar Mall, general manager of the Indian conglomerate’s retail store, said Saturday.

Mumbai-based Reliance has not announced the launch of JioMart at the time it sells $ 7 billion (about Rs 53 billion) in new shares.

Reliance launched a small JioMart delivery controller in parts of India’s financial capital Mumbai late last month, within few days of announcing Facebook would spend $ 5.7 billion on a 9.99% stake in the company. The digital business unit, Jio Platforms.

This partnership will help Reliance implement a service for Indian grocery stores and small businesses by capitalizing on India’s 400 million user base for Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service.

JioMart, Reliance’s e-commerce company in the retail industry, offers free express grocery delivery to neighborhood stores. This will represent a formidable challenge for local competitors, who also depend heavily on food for growth.

The launch occurs when India is experiencing an increase in coronavirus cases. A person familiar with the matter told Reuters that more product expansion will happen after this pandemic comes to control.

“Never waste a crisis, they say!” Mall said in his tweet. “A wise colleague mentioned today: ‘Alibaba also flourished from the SARS crisis.”

The richest men in India i.e. Mukesh Ambani the Oil giant did not respond to the email asking for comment on the launch.

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