John Allen Chau Was Killed in Andaman by Tribes on Restricted Island

John Allen Chau Was Killed in Andaman by Tribes on Restricted Island

John Allen Chau, an American adventurer and Christian missionary, was killed and buried by a tribe on an isolated island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The American citizen John Allen Chau strips with black underpants to mingle with the Sentinelese tribe when he went to the Forbidden Island for the second and last time on November 17, according to the testimony of the three fishermen. It would have helped to sneak into the restricted territory.

Chau, 27, was killed on North Sentinel Island, 40 and 200 Sentinelese were living, the last known uncontacted tribe in the world.

Officials aware of the investigation said that the three fishermen arrested and questioned by the Andaman police said Chau took a bag on the night of November 16 and hide it somewhere on the island.


The bag contained his passport, his clothes, his belongings, a first-aid kit, multiple vitamins and other essential items he had brought from the United States. This was remarkable so that he could access the objects without the Sentinelese noticing after contact with them the next morning.

The fishermen told the police that Chau thought he would gain the Sentinelese confidence by dressing like them and that he would show the islanders the objects over the time.

The fishermen said he wanted to stay on the island “several months”.

The police said: that Chau also told to fishermen he had seen a video showing the tribes touching the officials’ clothes with curiosity the only time a government team had landed on the coasts in the mid-1960’s.

“We do not know what happened to that bag which was hidden by Chau on the island,” said by a senior police officer.

“Maybe the Sentinelese tribe found it and destroyed it, it’s possible that the bag is still there.” Chau was afraid of being shot again, and he also kept items such as tweezers, a safety pin and a medicine to stop the bleeding and help the blood clots, “said the officer.

The three fishermen also told the police that the Sentinelese, after shooting Chau on November 16 (the arrow hit Chau’s Bible when he first went to the island), destroyed his kayak. So he had to swim between 300 and 400 m the boat where the fishermen were waiting.

In notes that Chau departed on the ship on November 17 before returning to the island, he wrote that he had to swim more than 300 meters to the ship at night. “… I’m afraid, I do not want to die.” It would be wiser to leave and let someone else take my place to continue and preach the message of God, “the newspaper says.

The police team that recognized the forbidden island from the water returned on Monday afternoon and reported that a group of Sentinels hide in the trees and watched the police. The tribes, they said, seemed to have their own “police system” to watch over strangers.

Until Monday, the Andaman police, as well as the coastguards, conducted an aerial survey of the island and three trips near the island to try to find a way to recover Chau’s body without disturbing the Sentinelese.

The chief of the Andaman police, Dependra Pathak, confirmed this fact. “At first, they hided and did not go to the beach, now they are on guard and have been seen in groups that supervise the police teams,” he said.

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Pathak said the police regularly met with anthropologists and experts to find a way to communicate with the Sentinelese tribes.

“Although we have the statements of the three fishermen, we reproduce the scene of events very clearly about how Chau landed on the beach.” This is a difficult case, but we will do everything we can to work tirelessly to recover Chau’s body. ” He said.