Josie Cotton Released New Album Recorded More Than 30 Years Ago

Josie Cotton Released New Album Recorded More Than 30 years Ago, Josie Cotton, American Singer, Everything is Oh Yeah, Ukrainian Cowboy, Latest, Entertainment, News
Josie Cotton Released New Album Recorded More Than 30 years Ago

American singer: It was in the early 80s; MTV was in its infancy, the New Music scene was beginning to reach the national waves, and Josie Cotton had a moment. She had international success with the infamous Johnny Are You Queer (denounced by some as homophobic and banned in Amsterdam, but also embraced simultaneously while a hymn played in a strong rotation during pride parades), gave her an inimitable style in the 1983 film Valley Girl, and made lists with the marginal successes, She could be the chosen one, and with the first clip, Jimmy Loves Maryann.

Just before her third album ended, Cotton was dropped by his label, Elektra records. However, she finished the album but then decided to retire from the music industry, and the songs were packaged, divided and lost in storage.

Cotton remained a prolific singer and songwriter, releasing several excellent albums over the years, skillfully exploring a variety of genres and reinventing herself with each project, but on independent labels and without too much display. Much of her work was top-notch: Rabbit Hole, Beautiful But Deadly from Movie Disaster Music. See The New Hong Kong, If a Lie Was Love and many more.

Josie Cotton’s third lost album was released after she was asked for a Netflix Stranger Things soundtrack, looking for unpublished music from the mid-1980s. He was inspired enough to review the bands and mix the pieces. more than three decades late, but Everything is Oh Yeah is actually a new album, circa 1985. It is both a time capsule and a time travel fantasy, with contributions from the first punk rock legend Geza X (The Dead Kennedys’ Holiday in Cambodia, et al.), And Brian Setzer stray cats. From the new wave to surfing to the girl group and neo-rockabilly, here there are funny gems from the mid-80s and even a version of the Beatles and the Ramones.

The first release in 1985 of Everything is Oh Yeah latest official video, “Ukrainian Cowboy”:

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