Keep Your Toilet Lid Closed to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Keep Your Toilet Lid Closed to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus, Last Coronavirus News, Latest Health News, Covid updates
Closing toilet lid Prevents the Spread of Coronavirus

As per the new study, It is said that that keeping the toilet lid closed during flushing will help the fight coronavirus. According to the study, during flushing of the toilet, it can generate a plume of virus and other airborne particles called aerosols which can be widespread and stay long enough which can be inhaled by others.

The Novel Coronavirus is said to be present in faeces of infected patients however, it is not sure if it gets transmitted by faecal matter. “Flushing will lift the virus count,” said Ji-Xiang Wang, who researches fluids at Yangzhou University. He stressed on closing the lid of the toilet before flushing and also washing the hands will help to spread coronavirus community wise.

In what is said as Toilet Plume, they are the aerosols and water particles that get lingered in the air after one flushes as during flushing the toilet particles along with the water get ejected to the air due to swift movement.

“The risk is not zero but how great we are in the risk is not known and the big unknown is how dangerous the virus is present in ones faecal matter, “ said Gerba who is an infectious disease expert and has studied for over 45 years.

Scientists in Wuhan have study the presence of Coronavirus in its infected patients’ ward and they found it to be in lesser numbers than the region near the toilet where patients used. For now, the CDC says that the risk of transmission is low based on observation from previous outbreaks of SARS and MERS says the CDC.