Know the Reason Why You Need To Boycott TikTok and MadeInChina

Today #BoycottMadeInChina is trending on Twitter, as we all know from the past few years this debate is going on, and especially after this pandemic, it got a boost. Most of the products we use today are Chinese they have expanded their market vastly. Even when it comes to mobile apps like Tiktok and others.

Here I will not waste your time digging deep but make my point with a few reasons why Made in China should be Boycott.

1. Chinese products are available for the low price so, people rush to buy. The fact is we don’t care about the quality because it is cheap and hence they are capturing bigger markets.

2. Chinese companies not only come up with a product or service like others, they provide the same products with different names they compete with their own products and win the market. Many people don’t know this, for example, OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo are from the same company with different names.

3. These days in pandemic situation they proved again they are famous in providing low-quality products because the kits and facemasks were provided by China was rejected by many nations in the world due to the quality.

4. When it comes to security we do not know when we use apps like TikTok what purpose they may hack our data and to be fact TikTok just runs your time nothing else, so think about it and let me know if you know other reasons why you should Boycott Made in China in the comment section below!