Kona Electric SUV Car – Hyundai’s New Plan For Charging On The Go…

Kona Electric SUV Car, Hyundai's New Plan For Charging, Hyundai Latest News
Kona Electric SUV Car

Hyundai Motors is currently in heavy demand for Kona Electric SUV Car sales, and Hyundai’s new plan to attract more electric car buyers has attracted car buyers.

While consumers may be interested in buying electric cars, but because of the charging problem that may arise in the long drive, people use to buy petrol and diesel cars for a long time. Hyundai has introduced a new solution for this, along with the Fast Charging facility Vehicle to Vehicle Charging facility also provided.

This means that the car owner can charge through another electric car and reach the destination quickly, this is a temporary solution given by the company to solve the charging problem.

In addition, the 7.2KW AC fast charger is provided to the car owner, a portable charger will be given to the shop owner, in case if a customer requires charging in emergency cases, they will visit the place to charge but only on demand, this service is present only in Bengaluru and Delhi only.

Hyundai Kona, which has an 80% lower maintenance cost than regular petrol cars, has a mileage of 452km per charge, making car buyers look at the lowest maintenance costs. The Kona car has a 39.2kWh battery capacity.

Kona Electric Car features 64kWh and 39.2kWh battery with two model battery options in the international market. Currently, only 39.2kWh battery capacity model has been released in India, with a fast charger capable of charging 80 percent battery in 52 minutes.

The Kona Car is expensive, but good mileage and premium features make it a good buy for the buyer.

Safety is also a top priority in Kona, with six airbags, front parking sensors, rear parking cameras, emergency call facility, re-generative braking system, Comfort and Sport Drive modes for a variety of driving experience, and many more.

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