KSRTC to Stamp Passengers’ Hand After Screening

KSRTC to Stamp Passengers’ Hand After Screening, KSRTC, Bengaluru News, India, Latest News
KSRTC to Stamp Passengers Hand After Screening

With cases steadily rising in Karnataka and people fearing commuters coming from different locations, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has made a step where they will stamp every passenger’s hand after the thermal screening for COVID-19.

When the road transport resuming services since the lifting of lockdown, thermal screening was mandatory for every KSRTC commuter however due to spike in COVID-19 cases in Bangalore, KSRTC has decided to stamp its passengers.

The stamp is different from the home quarantine stamp which was stamped to returnees, it is the measure of assuring other passengers that the commuter is not facing any symptoms. The left hand of the commuter will be stamped and it will wash away with time.

It will help the bus conductor if the person is screened or not, additionally, the conductor should note down the name, age, and mobile number of each passenger.

KSRTC has 1 screening point at Kempegowda Bus Station, Bangalore. The passengers who have booked pick from different points will be screened at the designated pick up points.

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