Lady Antebellum is Changing Her Name to Lady A

Lady Antebellum is Changing Her Name to Lady A, Latest Entertainment News, Black Lives Matter, Support for Black, band Lady Antebellum
Lady Antebellum is Changing Her Name to Lady A

Speaking with support of Black Lives Matter, the famous band Lady Antebellum is changing their name to Lady A, a nickname that their fans have used for long.

The change which the group announced said that it comes after realizing that the word is associated with slavery.

“When we set out together almost 14 years ago, we named our band after the southern ‘antebellum’ style home where we took our first photos. As musicians, it reminded us of all the music born in the south that influenced us…southern rock, blues, R&B, gospel and of course country,” the band said. “But we are regretful and embarrassed to say that we did not take into account the associations that weigh down this word referring to the period of history before the civil war, which includes slavery.”

The band consisting of group members Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood, and Charles Kelley said that they are deeply sorry for the hurt caused by anyone who has felt unsafe, unseen, and unvalued.

With the series of tweets, the group announced the name change, however, they are in fresh trouble as Lady A was the stage name used by Blues Artist for 2 decades. Original named Anita White, Lady A is the stage name used by this artist for over 20 years, she has been singing at Church Gospel, Karaoke nights in the early ’80s and she has released multiple albums under the name Lady A.

Speaking to a leading magazine, Anita White told that Lady Antebellum never approached her before changing their name, she also tells that they are using my name because of the Black Lives Matter incident and it is just a moment of time for them. “It’s an opportunity for them to pretend they’re not racist or pretend this means something to them,” she said to the magazine.

We need to find out what would happen in the future for the leading Band Lady A vs. Lady A, a blues singer.