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“Lake of No Return” – Anyone who goes there has never returned!

India and Myanmar border has a lake known as the ‘Lake of no return‘ The lake is famous all over the world for some mysterious events. It is said that whatever goes into the lake it will never be able to return.

This mysterious lake is located in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located in the Pangsau-pass of ​​Myanmar’s urban border town. The region is home to the Tangas tribe. During World War II, American pilots mistakenly thought it was an emergency landing area…

But after that, neither the plane nor its pilots ever came back! Everyone – everything has mysteriously disappeared! Later in the same area, American soldiers working on Ledo Road near the lake were sent to track down the missing aircraft and pilots…

Pangsau-pass, Lake of No Return, mysterious lake of India

But even they could not return. Whoever went there where they went nothing was found. Another story related to this lake is that the Japanese soldiers were returning after World War II, but they lost their way…

But as soon as they reached the lake, they were mysteriously disappeared! Even in 1942, a group of British soldiers was reported that they are disappeared near the lake. People often come here to hang out…

But they don’t even dare to go into the lake. It is said that a lot of efforts have been made to uncover the mystery of the lake, but so far it has been a failure. The fear of the place lies not only in humans but also in animals and birds…

That’s why you can’t even see any animals or birds here. Watch the video below about the Lake of No Return, which has gained considerable fame and popularity.

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