Lanke Movie Review: Yogi Mass Comeback as Rama for Burning Lanka

Lanke Movie Review
Lanke Movie Review

The much-awaited grand commercial film Lanka starring Loose Maa Yogi has been released today. Two years later, fans who watched Loose Mada Yogi on-screen watched the film and became Dil Khush. It’s got a great opening everywhere.

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The story is about those who are oppressed by prostitution. There is also a message. The protagonist of the film is Ram. Rowdyism-backed contractor Naidu becomes acquainted with Ram Jackie, who is released from prison. Ram Constructor Naidu defends Naidu from the attacks of rival Krishnappa and becomes a loyal disciple of Naidu. Then Pawani introduces herself to Ram, who is running an old house. The cute love story of the two is moving to one side. On the other hand, the dreamer who dreamed of shining in politics was walking across the flesh. The police officer, accompanied by the minister, is playing a game of eggs. Ram, Pavani, and Mandara get together for a few twist turns. In the meantime, the hero Ram Intrusting brings another new twist to the flashback. You need to see the cinema to know the flashback story of what’s happened in Sri Lanka.

Director Ram Prasad has been successful in cinematically portraying the real event based on Sri Lanka. The highlight of commercial cinema-crafted screenplay film. Ram Prasad and the team’s perseverance are neat on the screen. After a long time, the film manages to convince mass lovers. The film has been getting good reviews everywhere. Color Full Song and Fight Scene are given Full Marks.

As usual, Yogi has succeeded in acting, dancing, fighting, and acting in a relaxed manner. Danny Kuttappa, Sarath Lohitashwa Surendra Prasad shone through the performance. The farm tapanda, Kavya Shetty and Ester Naronha have been noted for their roles with neat handling. Gayitra Jairam is starring in the Kannada cinema for many years. Traveler Vijay has brought his character to life as usual. Karthik Sharma has enhanced and enhanced the background of music and music. Ramesh Babu’s photography is neat and the action scenes kick in.

Lanka movie Review, Lanka Kannada Movie, Latest Movie, Yogi

Mass commercials, lavish star cast, songs, and fight scenes add to the look. Above all, 50% of the audience is allowed to release the film despite being allowed to do so. On the first day received amazing feedback.

Public Rating: 3.5 / 5

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