Which 2 cities connect with Longjiang Suspension Bridge?

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Longjiang Suspension Bridge

The Longjiang Suspension Bridge, located near Baoshan, Yunnan province is one of the longest bridge ever built in China.

The bridge stands around 280m above a river and the span of the bridge is around 1196m. The construction of the bridge was completed in April 2016 and was open to the public from May 1, 2016, and the cost of construction came up to 1.96 Billion Yuan. It took the construction workers 5 years to complete this longest suspension bridge in China.

The Longjiang Suspension Bridge connects the cities of Baoshan and Tengchong which then goes straight to Myanmar. This bridge is suspended between two mountains in China. The distance of this bridge is slightly shorter than that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The main reason to construct the bridge was to cross the Long River which passes down the bridge, before the construction of the bridge vehicles should have to take a detour down the valley and it added a distance of around 13kms. After the construction of this bridge, it cut the time connecting with the freeway for more than hours.

Longjiang surpasses the distance of Aizhai and Balinghe Bridges which previously held the record of being the world’s highest bridges in China. One can visit Longjiang Suspension Bridge from Baoshan and Tengchong where it is well connected via road from Myanmar.

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