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Which religion Lotus Temple (Bahai House of Worship) belongs to?

Lotus Temple is also known as the Baha’i HouseWorship and is a very famous tourist attraction in Delhi, India. The temple is in the shape of a lotus and therefore it is known as the Lotus Temple.

It is a very popular tourist attraction in Delhi and its architecture is just mind-blowing. This temple has a flower-like shape which gives it a breathtaking beauty. This temple has been the winner of many architectural awards in India as well the all around the world.

The construction of this temple was completed in 1986 and since then it has been very popular among the Indian masses and also the tourists visiting from other nations. It is believed to be the “Mother Temple” of the entire Indian Subcontinent.

Lotus Temple Information

PlaceLotus Temple, New Delhi
Opened13th November 1986
Height34 m
Architectural styleExpressionist architecture
ArchitectFariborz Sahba

History of Lotus Temple

As this temple is under the Baha’i House of Worship, it is open to everyone irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, race, sex, etc. The basic concept of this temple is based on the Baha’i teachings that “God is one”.

This temple mainly provides a place where people of any religion can come and pray irrespective of the fact of what religion or god do they believe. It is a place where all religions may worship together without any kind of religious barriers.

They also allow their teachings and scriptures to be read or chanted in any language preferred by the person who wishes to pray. There is only one restriction though, it allows choir or chanting or prayers but it does not allow any musical instrument to be played inside the premises of the temple.

Sermons are also not delivered inside the temple meaning no ceremonial rituals can be carried out inside the temple premises.

Ardeshir Rustampur of Hyderabad donated his lifetime money for the purpose of the construction of this temple. It is a great tourist attraction and as of 2002, it has recorded a score of 50 million visitors to the temple.

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The Architecture of Lotus Temple

The architecture of Lotus Temple is inspired by the lotus flower. It is a collection f 27 free standing lotus petals, made up of pure white marble.

They are arranged in 3 clusters which ultimately form 9 sides. The 9 sides have 9 doors which lead to the main hall of the temple which is more than 40 meters tall.

The capacity of the Lotus Temple is 2500 people. The surface or the floor of the Lotus Temple is made up of pure white marble exported from Greece. Marble is the stone that should be used to build Baha’i temples according to Baha’i scriptures.

The property of the Lotus Temple spreads over a numerous 26 acres of land. It is based in Iranian architecture and was inaugurated in December of 1986. Its architect is Iranian and his current abode is in Canada.

He started his work at the temple in 1976. The marble used in the construction of this building is taken from the Penteli Mountain in Greece. The name of the Iranian architect is Fariborz Shaha.

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