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Earn $250+ a Day Online Just by Listening (Work From Home Job)

Are you a good listener? Then you have the opportunity to make $250 or more a day online just by listening, What? Is it real, Yes it is. I have brought you a way to earn money just using your ears. Let’s get in.

Read until the end of this post, I will show you a strategy that will automate and decrease your work literally. If you listen to YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. It is similar to what I am talking about.

You may be frustrated finding some genuine online jobs that really pay you without any scam. So I thought of sharing you a legitimate way to make money online. Scribie is the website that I am talking about where you can earn money just by listening, How does this work?

Some of the methods make you earn more and some make you earn less, so I will let you know what are the different methods available and how you can make most out of it and start working from home online.

Scribe is the website that acts as a mediator between the people who want their audio to be converted into text format and the people who can really convert the audio into text by listening and typing.

To apply for this job go to the homepage of the Scribie website and scroll down to find Join Scribie as a Transcriber where you can find a button to apply, click on it.

There is 2 step-process to eligible working for Scribie, In the first step, you need to fill the application with your personal details and it will be reviewed by the company and in the second step you will be given 6 minutes audio file where the online test is conducted, you need to transcribe the audio into the text if you fail what happens? Don’t worry you will be given 10 chances to do it correctly. It is easy to do not to worry a lot.

The site has got various levels of work and earnings, initially they give to transcribe a file later when you are getting better you can get into upper levels where you can even earn $20 per hour by proofreading and reviews.

When I first did it, it took almost 15-20 minutes to complete transcribing a 6 minutes video but I have some strategies where you can make the work faster and earn more in less time.

In delivering fast you must not compromise with the quality, because if your file got rejected multiple times, even you may be banned form the site so be careful. Moreover, if you can do these tasks more efficiently and level up even the Scribie can hire you by paying monthly just like a regular job. Interestingly for every 3 hours of transcribe completion you get $10 bonus cool right?

Requirements Needed to Apply

  • Good comprehension of English
  • Able to interpret conversations
  • Ability to apply context and identify the mistakes
  • You need a verified PayPal account (linked to a bank account or credit card)
  • Laptop/desktop computer and internet connection
  • Headphone/headset
  • The latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browser

All countries are eligible who has PayPal accounts with them except the residents of California, US as they are not AB5 compliant as of now.


  1. There is plenty of work available.
  2. There is no commitment, you work and you earn.
  3. No schedule is set
  4. There is no limit to withdraw
  5. Work is simple, and not hard as you think.
  6. You can move up different levels and increase your earning potential.
  7. Last but not least you can earn a bonus if you can reach the hours of transcribing as mentioned.


  1. If you are lazy and want to earn money online without doing anything this is not for you.
  2. You cannot submit poor quality work because they expect high quality.

This is the best way of making money online working from home, definitely, it requires your time and work to earn from a legitimate source online. If you want to scale this you need a automate process right? But I would say you can do semi-automate the work by using the following method I am going to teach.

Before I teach you the method, do a small favor just share this post with your friends who are looking for online jobs that would help them and motivate me to research more and share with you by writing more articles.

Use This Method

To transcribe audio to text or video to text automatically, you can use Google docs it is completely free where it uses the computer microphone to record the voice and type without your help.

Go to tools in menu bar and click on Voice typing then a small screen appear on the left side of your screen with a mike symbol, when you click on it, it start typing anything which computer speakers hear, it may be not 100% accurate because of the pronunciation differs from each individual, but you can do it as first copy then correct it only the wrong spellings. Meanwhile you can do some other work.


It is difficult to find genuine online jobs, so I have researched well and find a way to make money online working from home just by listening and typing the same. Make the best use of it, to grow in any online industry you need to work hard, and use smart techniques as we mentioned above you can scale up your earning potential by doing so.

Wait for the next amazing post to know new ways of earning money online!

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