There are usually libraries in all areas. But most have to pay to pick up books from them. But the library has been opened on the roadside of Mizoram’s capital to promote the practice of book reading in public.

Anyone can pick up the books here and read. Similarly, there is no security charge on the books. Indian Forest Officer Praveen Kaswan shared the pictures on Twitter with two exquisite libraries on the roadside of Mizoram’s capital. Every city should follow it.

Libraries are the best investment for building the nation. The northeast is showing the way, ”perhaps it was the best news we have found today. In fact, not only us but also people from all over the country who have taken note and praised this initiative that, although it seems small, will probably have a deeper impact than expected.

Pleasantly surprised by this gesture of offering people the opportunity to read, the news and the publication went viral on Twitter. Without a doubt, we are as envious of these small libraries as we are impressed, and we hope to see the idea traveling to more cities, as they begin to realize the importance of reading, writing, and to see citizens of the country start cultivating the habits of reading.

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