Mysore Dasara; This Year Celebration Begins

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Mysore Dasara

Globally famous Mysore Dasara festival has started with Vijayadashami, as every year we celebrate ‘Jambu Savari’ this year also continued and the environment of near Palace is in the festive mood.

Every year thousand’s of people gather in the place to celebrate the festival but this time due to the pandemic only 300 people are allowed to participate in the event and the festival is celebrated in simple way.

Tight Security: Since the festival has begun today, from morning itself police have been deployed all around the palace and bomb squads with dogs started their work to give security for the people.

Elephants are decorated: As we all know the festival is filled with colors, even elephants as every time painted with the artists with various designs on the body that attracts the people. 5 artists are involved in showing their art on Elephants this time.

This time the celebrations may be simple but yet we can watch it on television live will be telecasted in DD channel.

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