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Mysterious Radio Signals Are Receiving From Space In A Pattern


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Scientists say that a mysterious space signals that have been receiving to them in a pattern and a predictable manner. These signals might be from a powerful blast originating from someplace or far away place in the galaxy which is unusual fast radio bursts which have ever detected said, scientists.

Although we have been receiving radio bursts for long, they would not have been repeating as the signals which have been receiving recently. Using a telescope in Canada, the signals were received periodically and are yet to be deciphered said the scientists in an article.

Astronomers have not confirmed an explanation for the signals, with the only certain fact about their origin that they must be coming from somewhere very extreme and unusual. Scientists might say that these might be from aliens communicating with something tragic like a star falling into a black hole or any changes in Outerspace, however, the repetitive pattern is concerning the scientists of any untoward incident that might have/had or yet to happen in near future.

The signals are received in a pattern of 16 days where for 4 days they received repetitive signals every hour and for the next 12 days, the signals go away only to be repeated after the resting period. That pattern gives an important clue to the nature of this object, the researchers written in the newspaper.

Scientists say that the pattern might be coming from the edge of a spiral galaxy located 500 million light-years away however, they can’t exactly predict from the origin of the signals. The signals are sent in binary systems as the other space objects tend to hold characteristics of the binary system. They predict it might have been any object rotating/spinning around and the signals are received when the object is facing towards Earth.

The radio signals were received by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment which is where the scientists spend time looking for Fast Radio Bursts and researching its origin. The current radio bursts are now named as FRB 180916.J0158+65 which is still new and in scientists are studying it. However, the article is currently being reviewed and will be published in the journal once the final review is undertaken.


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