New Harry Potter game is a latest addition to Potterverse

New Harry Potter game is a latest addition to Potterverse, New Harry Potter game, Game developer Zynga, Latest, Games News, Entertainment
New Harry Potter game

Game developer Zynga who is credited to have online games such as Words With Friends, Farmville, etc have now released a new game where the theme of the game is Harry Potter. This is a puzzle game that is released for mobile devices. The game is like Candy Crush Saga with the inclusion of Wizarding where when you match 3 puzzles then you would receive portions or spells and other Harry Potter based casts and spells

The game was launched in the Philippines and is named Puzzles and Spells. The game will be available everywhere else in the world in the coming days however Zynga spokesperson has not said anything related to release date worldwide. Bernard Kim who is Zynga’s president of publishing said that the game is inspired by the books and it includes iconic moments and characters from the series.

“We were thinking about the most approachable genre and gameplay, so that’s why we landed on match three,” says Kim, referring to the tile-matching style of games. “Anyone can pick up and play this game, though it’s a little more difficult to master. Like the Potter universe, it’s enjoyable and relatable for everyone, but if you really want to get deep into it, then you can … there are such fun and playful moments of mischief in Harry Potter, and that’s what we want to bring to this game.”

The game, Puzzles, and Spells are free to download with an option of in-game purchases that will soon be available on the Play Store/App Store in the coming months.

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