Pareeksha Movie Review – Inspired by a Real Life Story

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Pareeksha Movie Review

Sometimes due to the release of mainstream movies, some of the budget movies tend to slip away from theatres quietly and some never make it through the theatre section.

Such is the case of one of the newest movies released via OTT Platform called Pareeksha – The Final Test which released on Zee 5 on 6th August 2020. Initially, the film was scheduled to release in the year 2019 however due to various clashes it did not make it through.

However, recently I had an opportunity to watch this compelling educational drama called Pareeksha which is directed, written, and produced by Prakash Jha and it stars Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, and Sanjay Suri in lead roles.

The film directed by Prakash Jha who has released many movies such as Saand ki Aankh, Fraud Saiyaan, Lipstick under my Burkha, SatyagrahaRaajneeti, etc has beautifully created a movie based on education. Although the film may start slow, the brilliant performances of actors steal the show.

The film opens up with a very endearing note of Buchi played by Adil Hussain who makes his way through your hearts with her persona. He is introduced to the world he works for – A rickshaw puller for top-private school in Ranchi where he ferries students of the rich and privileged.

With his persona, he becomes a hit with his students where the children love his singing while the teachers and staff members spend hours conversing with him. However, the rules of caste and caste lines slowly take a turn as the film progresses.

The director shows us a happy family, where the parents — both Buchi and his wife (Priyanka) — work to fulfill the family’s financial needs, a brilliant child Bulbul (Shubham), and a strict yet helpful boss.

Pareeksha Movie Review, Webseries, Zee 5, India, Entertainment, Pareeksha Review IMDB
Pareeksha Movie Review

However, everything takes a different turn when Buchi dares to dream. We see Buchi collecting the books thrown out by students when Bulbul says that they are not state board but a CBSE board educative books that were being thrown.

He determines to get his son admitted to the Sapphire International school that is known for the rich and privileged section of Ranchi.

He collects money for admission, only to realize that money is not the only factor where a pupil gets admitted to the school, it also includes the class of his parents, an area which he lives, and many such hurdles which he overcomes.

Bulbul also shares some of the struggles where he does not sit with his father in the rickshaw, he gets teased in school for being the son of a rickshaw puller and he does not have the knowledge to speak proper English, etc.

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Best Pareeksha Movie Review

With passing time and Bulbul’s brilliance, he overcomes the hurdle which he faces where his peers ask for free tuition of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in exchange for English coaching. But, Buchi is struggling to meet the demand for private school education.

So, the film feels stretched and slow as it concentrates on Bulbul and Buchi more. The film takes a morally high ground towards the end, punishing Buchi for his crime, yet not letting Bulbul be affected by it.

All of the actors in the movie have acted brilliantly but as the movie is slow-paced one might feel bored. Yet Pareeksha is one of the good movies to watch amid lockdown.