Parley-G, 82-Year-Old Record Beaten During Lockdown

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Parley G breaks G, 82-Year Old Record

MUMBAI: Parle G Biscuit has made history by breaking its 82-year record on lockdown. Most businesses have been hit by the government’s two-month lockdown to control the spread of Coronavirus. But Parle G has grown its business during this time.

Parle G biscuits, which are available for just Rs.5 was the only option for the workers while they were moving from one place another. Many people paid and bought Parle G to help the hardworking workers. Parle G was stocked at homes, fearing that a lockdown could cause food shortages in the near future.

The people’s favorite biscuit Parle G since 1938. Parle broke its 82-year-old record in the middle of Lockdown. But Parle Company has not released its sales figures. It is reported that sales break the 8 decades record now.

Backed by increased market demand, the company’s stock price rose 5 percent. The sale rate has also increased from 80 percent to 90 percent. Britannia’s Good Day, Tiger, Milk Bikis, Bourbon, and Mari Biscuits sold well during Lockdown. Other parlay products, such as crackjack, Monako, hide and seek biscuits, are also sold more.