Pet Rooster Kills a Woman in Australia by Puncturing Vein With It’s Beak

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CANBERRA: In Australia, an elderly woman was killed by her rooster while collecting eggs from a chicken coop, media reported on Monday.

The woman, whose name and age was not revealed, died after the aggressive rooster puncturing vein with its beak and the bleeding could not be stopped, the news was reported by Xinhua news agency.

When I heard this news I was shocked to hear, but when I cross-check the news I came to know this news is true.

Roger Byard, a forensic scientist at the University of Adelaide, studied the case and used it to warn Australians about the dangers of their pets.

“Most importantly, I try to make older people suffer from varicose veins treated with a simple operation because they are particularly vulnerable to fractures,” Roger Byard told News Corp Australia.

In another case, an elderly Australian woman died abroad when a cat scratched her leg.

“It’s not just about animal attacks, because we have done studies that show that people simply at home bled to death by getting hit to the household equipments even not intentionally.”

Byard has studied several cases of Australians killed by animals.

“Many examples of dead animals we have found are a warning to the elderly,” he said.

“For example, cats are a very common triggering risk for older people in the home, something they will never think about. Cats like to rub their ankles and legs, sit behind people and generally injure the elderly. “he said.

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How much ever you care for pets, even then these incidents happen across the globe, they also just like us, we also sometimes show anger, happy, sad, all kinds of emotions, even they do the same.

I am not saying do not have the pet at all, but if you have one be careful every time.


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