Picture of Jupiter Goes Viral and People in Twitter are feeling it resembles Dosa

Picture of Jupiter Goes Viral & People in Twitter feeling it resembles Dosa, Viral News, Latest News, Jupiter, Twitter, Trending
Picture of Jupiter Goes Viral

In a recent image from Space, A picture from South Pole of Jupiter was posted in Learn Something twitter page and social media immediately retweeted saying it resembles classic south Indian dish, Dosa

The image was taken in the year 2000 from the narrow-angle cameras aboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and it found its way in twitter recently and bought many into laughter as it resembles Dosa.

The image went viral on a micro-blogging site where it garnered 35k likes and many retweets and comments, some questioned how a planet can be directed North or South in space, some resembled dosa, some said it resembled some of the dishes in their cuisine.

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