Pikachu Army Increasing Day-By-Day and Gaining Global Attention

Pikachu Army Increasing Day-By-Day and Gaining Global Attention, Pikachu Parade, Pokemon, Japan Festival, Yokohama city, Pikachu Outbreak, Unknown Facts
Pikachu Parade

90’s kids love Pikachu and Pokémon a lot including me because we know how it entertained us in our school days. Every year in most parts of Asia Pikachu Parade is attracting tourists from all around the world by entertaining all ages.

People till now were celebrating the festivals that are following by their ancestors but today a new trend has started which is gaining attention on the Internet that is Pikachu with its cuteness and the parade with dance, music, games, lot more…

Do You Know Where it Started?

It all started in Yokohama, Japan in 2014 as a summer event it’s called “Pikachu Outbreak” organized by The Pokémon Company. When this march started it was only with 20 Pikachu but now it has grown to more than 2,000 Pikachu participate in the event.

Where ever you visit Yokohama city on event days you can hear the sound “Pika Pika” similar to the sound Pikachu makes originally. Not just that you will be amazed to see all the train stations and roadsides are covered with Pikachu posters, large Pikachu balloons will flying in the air, stickers, hats, toys, eatables all Pikachu even in your dreams you’ll get Pikachu after spending time in the place haha…

Interestingly, the fest did not stop at the Parade even the Pokémon Company organized many events like Pikachu dancing show, doing exercise through different formations in the public. The fever is spreading all across Asia and gaining attention by increasing Pikachu Army.

The events are captured by the people with their Mobile cameras and uploading on social media hence it helped us to participate in the event virtually or enjoy the videos watching, I wanna catch em all!

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Here are some of the interesting things people shared on social media just watch and enjoy!

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