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Ram Charan Agarwal Freedom Fighter

Late Shri Lala Ram Charan Agarwal was a freedom fighter later known as “Little Big Man Of Congress” was born on 2nd December 1919 & died on 25th July 1977. He was a true Gandhian & wore khadi throughout his life.

Lala Ram Charan Agarwal was born on 2nd December 1919 in Delhi. His father Late Shri Ram Chandermal was a businessman. The good qualities of their parents had a great effect on him which helped him to lead a successful life as an honest and brave politician, clean businessman, friend, and philosopher guide to the poor and general public.

Ram Charan Agarwal Information

  • Name: Ram Charan Agarwal 
  • Born: 2nd December 1919, Uttar Pradesh
  • Known as: Little Big Man of Congress
  • Father: Late Shri Ram Chandermal
  • Wife: Savitri Agarwal
  • Children: Prakash Agarwal, Shashi Agarwal, Jai Prakash Agarwal, Atma Prakash Agarwal
  • Died: July 25, 1977.

He was very much impressed with the ideology and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and became his follower to take an active part in Freedom Struggle. At a very early age of 19, he became Treasurer of DPCC. He went to Jail in 1939, 1942, and again in 1945 during the freedom movement. He was one of the eleven persons selected by Mahatma Gandhi from Delhi for Individual Satyagrah along with Smt. Aruna Asaf Ali.

Smt. Indira Gandhi described Lalaji as a great gentleman and politician, who always stood for his principles. In her words, 

“Lalaji was a man having a great place in Delhi, holding a strong position in Congress and a very popular name in the freedom movement. He has established a foundation by his character, work, and personality.“

He was awarded Tamraparta by the then President of India Dr. Fakruddin Ali Ahmad. His few main objectives were Cleaning of the Yamuna, Development in Slum Katra’s, and resettlement of Patriwala’s, and was the first to start Night Shelters and Rain Basera’s. In the year 1939 at age of 20, he tied the knot with Smt Savitri Agarwal.

He visited many foreign countries as a member of the Indian delegation, including the United Kingdom, the United States, the USSR, and Canada. In recognition of his service to the country, ITO Crossing in Delhi has been renamed “Ram Charan Agarwal Chowk”.

He died on 25th July 1977, and in 2009, in the memory of freedom fighter and deputy Mayor of Delhi Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar released a stamp of Ram Charan Agarwal.

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