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Ranganath Diwakar a Patriot Famous for Writing Several Books

Ranganath Ramchandra Diwakar was a patriot, philosopher, and scholar. He was also a politician from Karnataka.

Ranganath Diwakar Information

  • Known as: R. R. Diwakar
  • Born: 30th September 1894
  • Died: 15th January 1990
  • Profession: patriot, philosopher, politician, and scholar

Born on September 30, 1894, Ranganath Diwakar who is famously known as R. R. Diwakar has written several books on Gandhi, Satyagraha, and many others and is inspired by Shri Aurobindo.

Diwakar was also a member of the Indian National Congress and served as the President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee from 1930-1942. He later became a member of the Constituent Assembly of India and the Provisional Parliament. He later served as the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting from 1949 – 1952 and was elected as a member of Rajya Sabha from Bombay State. He served as a member of Rajya Sabha from 3 April 1952 but resigned on 13 June 1952. He later became a governor of Bihar and he governed the state till 1957.

In the year 1962, he was nominated for Rajya Sabha yet again where he served till 1968.

Diwakar later died on 15 January 1990 and at the time of his death, he was the last known surviving member from Nehru’s cabinet.

Diwakar advocated himself as Gandhian more than Gandhi himself.

He has written several books in English, Hindi, and Kannada and his main topic of interest was Gandhi’s ideology, services, Aurobindo’s ideology, and services, etc.

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