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Scope of Digital Marketing in India: Best Jobs and Career Opportunities

The Scope of Digital Marketing can be better understood when we know the context of digitalization in India because it is the foundation of digital marketing.

When Did Digitalization In India Took Place?

India adopted Digitalize concepts a few decades ago but it got some push in recent times, the reason is not that we were not having the knowledge, we lacked initiatives taken by individuals, companies and even the government.

As technology progressed, digitization reached all parts of India. In 1991, when the Indian government introduced the NEP policy, it boosted globalization by connecting people with technology, culture, and trade exchange.

Therefore, digitalization has been adopted in all fields of activity, but the growth has not been excellent until recent times.

For example:

a) On November 8, 2016, when demonetization was announced, many opportunities were created to allow companies to invest in the creation of online payment applications, such as Phonepay, launched a few months back and grabbed a large number of customers within a short span of time.

b) The most recent is Gio’s free 6-month plan, where Indians have access to free internet data and phone calls. I call this a revolution in the behavior of Internet users. The more user base helps the companies to promote their products or services easily.

According to a new study conducted by Microsoft in association with International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2021, the digital transformation will add about $154 billion to India’s GDP and increase the growth rate by 1% per year.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is about marketing the brand, products, services, or facilities by reaching people online instead of physically promoting door to door.

It reduces the labor, costs and time hence, it is strongly adopted in all areas, even the government is doing everything possible to encourage digital activities.

Do You See The Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

Every field has its own scope, the only thing is that we have to dig deep and see the ways to grow, to be frank, it all dependence on your interest as well.

You cannot blindly enter a field just because the industry has the scope. At least you should know the basic details before choosing it.

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, by 2021, 829 million Indians (59% of the population) would use the Internet daily and 79% will access the Internet via mobile phones.

You can also see the Google trends report below!

Google trends report on digital marketing for past 5 years

This graph clearly shows the consistent growth in the behavior of Internet users who have been searching for the word Digital Marketing by all sectors for the past 5 years in India.

I believe in the supply and demand model. If there is an excess of demand, the supply must be sufficient to create a quality substance.

However, the demand for digital marketing is huge and the supply is lower at this time. I don’t say that based on assumptions, but by looking at these numbers on popular Job portals mentioned below.

8.American Express
11.Info Edge India Limited

Have you ever noticed what is happening in traditional retail stores? Or simply try to ask how your business is going, they will say that after online marketing companies have started, our sales have been declined.

For your information, a lot of retailers are now linked with online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal where the companies do marketing for their products and receive the commission after the sale.

What Retailers can do at this point in time?

I doubt you see the traditional retail shops in the near future because everyone is progressing, even retailers should adopt technology fast, only then they can survive by earning the profit.

Can they sell by themselves online?

No, most of the people come from a traditional background, or some may feel difficult to cope up with the latest technology, they will definitely find Digital Marketers to market their products or services online. They either can opt for the company or hire a freelancer.

The reason I gave this example is that, to make you understand the importance and scope of digital marketing in all the fields, it is not limited to companies, even it is significant to individuals.

By acquiring digital marketing skills from recognized institutions, you can start your career which can ensure your income, safety, progress, and opportunities.

Because without joining any institution, you will not receive any digital marketing certificate, which is the main thing you need to start your career in the digital marketing field.

Generally, Digital Marketing jobs start with the salary range of 15,000/- per month and it can reach up to 8-10 Lakhs per month, as the experience and knowledge you gained over the period of time…

You can find a lot of vacancies in various job portals, at present while I am writing this article, the figures are as given below:

* Timesjobs – 53,948 Digital Marketing Jobs posted.

* Naukri – 19,333 Digital Marketing Jobs posted.

* Indeed – 13,769 Digital Marketing Jobs posted.

* Shine – 4,004 Digital Marketing Jobs posted.

* Monster – 944 Digital Marketing Jobs posted.

Today 90% of Indian Brands are spending at least 15% of their budget on Digital Marketing because they see the opportunity and scope. If they are spending so much, just think what will be the ROI and also they need employees for various activities in Digital Marketing, they will hire new talents in the Industry. You may be one of them!

Digital Marketing has many sub-branches, you can master in any one of them to become an expert in the field.

What Are The Important Branches of Digital Marketing?

There are 7 Main Branches of Digital Marketing as follows:

a) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

b) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

c) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

d) Content Marketing

e) Affiliate Marketing

f) Mobile Marketing

g) E-Mail Marketing

How To Get Started In Digital Marketing?

If you work in different fields, do not quit immediately to start a career in Digital Marketing. Follow these steps before you are doing so:

1. Register and attend the digital marketing events, webinars, and meetups in your city and clarify your doubts with the trainers.

2. Start reading digital marketing blogs like mine and watch the youtube videos, you will understand better.

3. You can download free e-books and understand the concepts.

4. Mainly learn some basic Photo & Video editing skills, which helps you a lot in digital marketing journey, I am saying with my experience.

5. After all this, you will have some knowledge about digital marketing, then you start a blog by choosing one particular topic and start experimenting with it, over the period you will become an expert.

6. Start developing your communication skills and improve content writing skill, because it is the heart of digital marketing.

7. Finally, join a good Digital Marketing Institute and get the certificate, if you are planning to go for a job in this industry it is a must.

For any assistance you need, you can contact me or any other fellow bloggers, there are many digital marketing and blogging groups on social media in which you can join and take help from them.

12 Best Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Options in India

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Jobs

Scope of SEO in India, Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization jobs in india
Scope of SEO in India

Once you have completed the digital marketing course, you can opt for SEO as the name itself tells search engine optimization; Your main objective is to rank the publications of the website in the top results of search engines, we focus mainly on Google and the Bing search engine only.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of SEO Executive are as follow:

a) Keyword Researching.

b) Analyzing your competitor’s web page.

c) Following the new updates from Google Algorithm.

d) Doing On-page and Off-page Optimization for the web page you want to rank.

e) At last, analyzing the performance report and improvising the score.

When you start your career as an SEO Executive your salary will be around 12k – 15k/month and after you are experienced for 2 years or more you will receive 40 – 50k/month, it all depends on how you use your skill.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Jobs

Scope of Social Media Marketing in India, scope of social marketing, growth of social media marketing in india, Social Media Marketing Career
Scope of Social Media Marketing in India

If you are interested in connecting with the people online, solving their problems and engage with them, then you better opt for Social Media jobs. Here you will create value for your companies brand by post images, posts, asking questions, etc.

Regularly you post some or other things in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube same thing here you do it for your company with focused audience and content.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Social Media Specialist or Marketer are as follow:

a) One must develop social media strategies, implement and monitor the results.

b) Stay up to date with trends and technology related to social media.

c) Attend workshops and collaborate with the best Marketing, Sales, and Product Development teams.

d) Closely work with copywriters and designers to get a predefined output.

e) Network with top influencers on social media related to the Industry.

f) The main task is to run paid ads on social media through A/B testing by focusing on the targeted audience.

The salary range may be 12.5k starting and it goes to 50k/ month after 2-5 years based only your talent and experience.

3. Search Engine Marketing Jobs

Scope of Search Engine Marketing in India, scope of search engine optimization, search engine optimization jobs in india, search engine marketing jobs
Scope of Search Engine Marketing in India

Search Engine Marketing or Cost-Per-Click(CPC) is a marketing technique, the task is held by the SEM executive/specialist who promotes the website on top of the google result by running ad campaigns using Google Adwords with the given budget and get more leads and sales for the company.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of an SEM Specialist or SEM Analyst are as follow:

a) Keyword researching, analyzing where the keyword is worth to place advertising.

b) Creating the ads for the campaigns or suggesting the creators for a landing page with specific goals and doing A/B testing to see which ad is performing better.

c) Tracking, analyzing the reports of the campaign and managing the budget given.

d) Remarketing the audience who visited your ad, which will convert into a sale.

e) One has to research the competitor links and create better strategies to compete.

Even SEM jobs start with the salary range of 12k – 50k/month after 2-5 years based on the experience and proven results.

4. Blogging

Scope of Blogger in India, scope of blogging in india, future of blogging, career in blogging, scope of blogging system
Scope of Blogging in India

If you don’t want to work 9-5 regular job under a boss, this is the best option to become a blogger like me. You can work anywhere in the world, only you need a laptop and internet connection.

In the blogging field, you should have the skills to write on a particular topic, able to think creative thoughts, problem-solving ability, creativity. Along with these learning digital marketing helps you to market your content on the internet and rank on search engines. You can earn through Ads, Affiliate links, Sponsered content, etc.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of a Blogger are as follow:

a) One must create content by keyword researching, analyzing competitors, and see how you can provide value to your blog viewers.

b) Doing SEO, Promotion of your blog post in various social media, Creating back-links, Creating Images, Infographics, Videos, etc…

c) Asking Influencers in the industry to give an Interview for your blog and asking guests to write content for your blog.

d) Monitoring the results and keeping your knowledge matching with the trend.

There are many bloggers earning well in the Industry including me, I cannot give you a definite figure of how much you can earn but I can tell you one thing there is no limit, you can earn from 0 to infinity. It all depends on you how to grow your blog by making a lot of people visit your site.

5. Content Writing

Scope of content writer in India, scope of content writer in india, content writting, content writer salary, content writer salary
Scope of content writing in India

In Digital Marketing we call Content is the ‘King’ because for every digital marketing campaign content is must through which we engage people by creating value. If you can write quality content then this is your field.

When it comes to blogging only 1% of them succeed, the rest can continue their journey as Content Writer. You can write for a company or you yourself can build a site and start writing content and make a career out of it.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Content Writer are as follow:

a) Creating an eye cache headline along with a keyword and writing the body of the content.

b) Researching and organizing the facts, trends, stats, and sources to refer.

c) One has to write a variety of content for different platforms like social media, guest posting, advertising, case studies, PDF, White paper, etc.

d) Monitor the analytics, and see how much people are engaged with your content and improvise the quality.

The content writer will be paid each word he writes, in India generally paid on an average 0.25 – 0.50 Rupee per word and the people who write content excellent they will be paid 1 – 2 Rupees per word. Here you can work as an employee or you wish to write as a freelancer you can do it.

6. Copywriting

Scope of Copywriter in India, copywriter job description, copywriter salary in india, scope of writing in india
Scope of Copywriting in India

Copywriting is not directly connected to digital marketing but when we say content writing, copywriter plays an important role.

Here you should be smarter than a content writer because you will be asked to write a sales page or the landing page where you need to convert the visitors into your customers with your words.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Copywriter are as follow:

a) Brainstorm what is the company or clients message and how you can reach the targeted audience with your content.

b) Write and modify the content until your client or the company gets satisfaction.

c) Meeting the deadlines and following company guidelines.

d) Work with the creative team to build a marketing campaign.

Since it involves a lot of effort and smartness, the copywriter will be paid higher from the initial level itself, he receives around 18.5k/month later increases more. Some give the money based on a single landing page or sales copy instead of words written or monthly wise.

7. Content Marketing

Scope of Content Marketer in India, content writer salary india, how to become a content writer in india, content marketing career
Scope of Content Marketing in India

Content Marketer is a person who promotes the content written by a Content Writer in various online platforms. Here also influencers play an important role in outreaching the content to their audience, so networking helps you a lot.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Content Marketing Executive are as follow:

a) He has to research various online platforms that are suitable for their content and check whether that platform receives a good number of visitors.

b) He must promote content to capture leads and make visitors take call-to-action.

c) He must create an automation funnel, through auto e-mail respondents, chatbots, etc.

d) Finally, analyze the results and build new strategies by creating offers, discounts, etc.

The content Marketing salary ranges from 25k/month to 1Lakh as it dependence on your performance and experience.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Scope of affiliate marketer in India, scope of affiliate marketing in india, affiliate marketing programs, how to start affiliate marketing in india, affiliate marketing earnings in india
Scope of affiliate marketing in India

The Affiliate marketer is the marketer, who promotes other people’s products or services for a commission. He can sell offline, online but he earns only after the sale. For example, the Flipkart affiliate program, Amazon affiliate program, Vcommision, Viglinks, Hostgator Affiliate, etc…

Here also you can work for the company or you can work on your own, it’s your choice.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Affiliate Marketing Executive are as follow:

a) One must keep a good relationship with an Affiliate company that you in revenue generation and builds long term trust.

b) Research new Affiliate opportunities and trends.

c) Work with Affiliate Marketing Manager, by reporting and planning new strategies and how to increase ROI.

d) Drive Traffic to the website in order to make people click on your affiliate links.

If you want to earn by yourself there is no limit in earning, the more you sale the more you earn, but if you work for a company you may receive 18k/month to 50k/month based on your actions and also receive extra commission or pay when you exceed the target and give the best performance.

9. Freelancing

Scope of Digital Marketing Freelancing in India, Is digital marketing freelancing a good career option in India, freelance digital marketing, digital marketing scope and salary, digital marketing freelance jobs india
Scope of Digital Marketing Freelancing in India

In India, only Digital Marketing career earns you more money even as a Freelancer, where the freelancer can do any of the above topics SEO, SMM, SEM, Content writing, etc.

You can create a profile in various platforms liver Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc and you yourself determine the price for the service, you are the boss here.

You can do consulting business for the companies as a freelancer, but the only difficulty is no one gives you work blindly, you need to create a portfolio of work and capture the clients. If you have the photo and video editing skills it adds value to your profile.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Freelancer are as follow:

a) Creating, Marketing, Reporting and improvising the digital marketing campaigns.

b) Understanding the client’s goals, and strategizing the growth.

c) Fixing the mistakes in the content like spelling, grammar, etc.

d) Creating a client base by the referrals and establishing a good relationship with them.

e) Creating images, videos, podcasts, online documents, etc for marketing the content.

f) Making sure not to exceed the client’s budget and deliver positive results to make them happy.

The Digital marketing freelancer can earn more than 40 lakhs a year also, but you need to create a permanent user base to earn regularly, and the sky is the limit to earn here.

10. Email Marketing

Scope of email marketing in India, Future of email marketing, Career in email marketing
Scope of email marketing in India

It is just like a social media marketing where Email Marketer designs the campaigns, 80% of content should add the value and 20% should add the pitch for sale by using various Email Marketing tools like Mail Chimp, MailerLite, AWeber, Hubspot, etc.

The email data is collected from the Website, Landing page, Social Media, etc. Email Marketing is the number 1 priority in digital marketing because the facts show that almost 90% of the people open their emails every day. Hence, it is an opportunity for every marketer.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Email Marketer are as follow:

a) Creating Email campaigns with personalization of content and promote products and services.

b) Remarketing with Email marketing campaigns for the people who have opened your mail.

c) Creating a funnel to the people who ultimately becomes a lead or customer for the company.

d) Maintaining, Tracking and Analyzing the reports and send them to the senior level management.

Email Marketer earns around 20K – 35k/month, you should not make people bore by sending many times a day, instead create a calendar on a specific day and send the campaigns.

11. Digital Marketing Agency

Scope of Digital Marketing Agency, scope of digital marketing in india
Scope of Digital Marketing Agency

If you are willing to do more than a Freelancer and want to establish a company you can opt for opening Digital Marketing Agency providing services such as SEO, SMM, Online reputation management, Web Development, etc.

Start with providing a specific service, so you can demonstrate your experience in the field and, in later days, you can add more services.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Agency are as follow:

a) All the agencies should have their own USP to compete with other players in the Industry.

b) Ranking your website on local search engines to acquire new clients.

c) Having a long term relationship with the clients by providing qualitative work.

d) Discussion, Planning, Division of work, and Co-ordination among team members must be ensured.

e) One must collect feedback after the service delivered, and improvise the strategies to satisfy the client’s needs.

Initially to get the clients online will be a difficult task, so along with your efforts online, you must get your clients from your surroundings, referrals, and social networks. From this strategy, you can create a portfolio that can be showcased to bigger clients in the future.

12. Online Business

Scope of Online Business in India, Different Ways to Earn Online, eCommerce, blogging, digital marketing
Scope of Online Business in India

If you have any existing business now after learning digital marketing you can take the business online and increase your customer base by using all the above-mentioned methods like Content publishing, SEO, Social Media, SEM, etc…

You can start online businesses such as E-commerce, Blogging, Selling services, creating digital tools and software, selling coupon codes, etc.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Online Business are as follow:

a) Sourcing, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Documenting, etc are the primary roles and responsibilities.

b) Evaluating the Income and Expenses along with all taxes and additional charges need to be paid, for example, domain renewal, hosting renewal, SSL Certificate renewal, Web Design Improvement, Salaries of employees, etc.

c) Collecting feedback from online customers and improve the product or service.

Instead of paying huge money on television, billboards, newspapers it is much cost-efficient and your message can reach a wide audience within seconds.

Here are some Top Resources of Digital Marketing available online:


Totally I say, the knowledge you gained will not go waste in any way, whatever may be your field Digital Marketing is useful, the only question remains how you will take forward by implementing unique strategies to capture the masses and build a brand.

"Follow Your Passion" I am a professional blogger, my aim is to help millions of readers to get the right information at the right time.

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