Sellers Need to Mention ‘Country of Origin’ on GEM Products

Sellers Need to Mention ‘Country of Origin’ on GEM Products, Gems Latest News, Business News, India, Boycott China, News
Sellers Need to Mention ‘Country of Origin’ on GEM Products

A move that is aimed at promoting PMO’s dream Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, it is now mandatory for sellers who want to sell products via government e-markets need to furnish details such as ‘country of origin’.

The Government E-Marketplace (GEM) has a provision to indicate the percentage of local content with a concept to promote Make in India.

“GeM has taken a significant step towards Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and has made it mandatory for sellers to enter the country of origin while registering all new products on GeM,” said Talleen Kumar, CEO of the portal.

If the sellers have previously updated the products are currently being reminded to update the country of origin for their products and the same has been reminded from time to time. If failed to update, the product will be removed from the website.

“With this new feature, now, the country of origin, as well as the local content percentage, is visible in the marketplace for all items. More importantly, the Make in India filter has now been enabled on the portal. Buyers can choose to buy only those products that meet the minimum 50 percent local content criteria Talleen Kumar said.

While the portal does not rule out any country in particular, but they say that many companies are trying to sell products such as AC, Furniture, computer, etc.

“The decision will encourage domestic producers, as many domestic sellers were so far importing goods from China and selling through this portal,” said a member from GEM

India is planning to impose higher trade barriers and raise import duties on various products including the products coming from China, this is due to the ambitious plan of Make in India flagged off by PMO India.