16 Shocking facts that most Indians do not know

9. India is the Second largest English-Speaking Country in the World.

India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world

Most of the countries speak their own language but English in India is a question because it is not our language, then when did English get attention in India?

It is estimated almost 10 % of the total population can speak English in India since it has a huge population of 10% amounts to a larger population.

When British Colonized India, they were speaking English but the people of India faced difficulty to communicate with them, Britishers were used English in their administration and education in India, but even after Independence, there was no solution in choosing the language.

Because India was having thousands of languages even though Hindi could have been done as a National language but to treat every language in the country equal that was dropped and continued English in the administration, and it was spread through the high and middle-class people in education, trade, etc.

10. India was Once an Island.

India was once an Island

100 million years ago when dinosaurs were walking on the earth the most researchers believe today’s India was an Island.

It is believed that India was a part of an ancient big continent know as Gondwanaland(it means forested area) which slowly moved towards the north.

After some 50 million years where dinosaurs were extinct, the land joined Asia with raising peaks and mountains called the Himalayas still, the pressure of moving towards north continues which we can see in the rise of height in the Himalayas every year slightly.

11. 70% of Spices used by the World come from India.

70% Of Spices used by the World come from India

As we all know Indian food is World famous, India is a rich country in terms of resources, rivers, knowledge, etc. If any foreigner reading this I ask a question to you do you like spicy food? If yes, then definitely most of the spices come from India.

Since we have diversity in every kilometer length even our food has so many varieties and many food items came from ancient times itself.

I want to tell you a fact that all the countries came to India because they saw the wealth of the Spices for trade, that is why British, French, Greeks, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch, and many colonized in India.

This was possible in India only because of good climatic conditions, fertile soil, and abundant river flows.

Exporting 70% of Spices even though it has got a huge population is not a joke, think about it how wealthy we are.

12. India is in 3rd Position in claiming Guinness World Records every year.

Guinness world records India

Indians are multi-talented people no dought with it, there are millions of Guinness World Records until now documented in the books.

Here the interesting fact is, in the top list of countries who have the highest number of records India also one among them. After the USA, UK, India lies in the 3rd highest position in breaking the records.

In India, we have our own book of records like ‘India Book of Records’ and ‘Limca Book of Record’ even though people win in these, they want to be listed in World Book of Records because of the brand and coverage it gets to a large number of people.

Indians are crazy enough you can see the type of records we make, every record will be unique even the other parts of the world couldn’t imagine.

13. 65 Million People live in Slums in India.

65 Million People live in Slums in India

Even we have high-tech cities in India which are competing for global level, we have to accept the fact that there are more slums than cities.

According to the stats, there are 65 million people live in slums in that Mumbai’s Dharavi itself covers 1,000,000 people living in slums and it is the world’s biggest slum, some may have a home some may not, cleanliness is far mattered for them, economic conditions are very poor.

In 2001, there was only 52 million people were living in slums that means it is increasing instead of decreasing.

The Government has to take proper initiative to change their lives by providing employment and business opportunities and also the people of the slum mindset should change to upgrade their life.

14. Shani Shingnapur a Village in India has no Doors to their House.

Shani Shingnapur a Village in India has no Door to their Houses

In every country controlling the crime rate is a big debate likewise India, but there is a village in India having 0% crime rate, till now there are no stolen complaints, you will be shocked to know the fact that houses of the village don’t have doors!

The people keep the money, jewels, or any valuable things in their home only without any fear, with the confidence that God will protect them and the people who come from different places fear to come here.

You may have the question that why they don’t keep the door? and how is it possible without any crime? we’ll answer

There was a story back 300 years where a Rock came from the river when it was touched blood came out on the same day Lord Shani came in a dream to the devotee and told that it was he himself.

So he told to place the rock in the village and he assured the protection of the village with one condition not to shelter the rock with walls or any other, from them people decided not to have the door to their houses.

Many attempts steeling has failed till now, somehow people were caught before leaving the village, hence people fear even to steel.

15. India was the First to Introduce Shampoo to the World.

India was the First to Introduce Shampoo to the World

India is known to be the land of Inventions because most of the things have been invented here from past to present time, Shampoo is also one among them.

The word shampoo is brought from the Hindi word “champu” which came from Sanskrit word “chapyathi” means to press, knead, or soothe.

In the Ancient days, people were using paste extracted from the herbs along with Gooseberry and were applying to cleanse the hair, even in modern times, India was the first to introduce Shampoo in the name Chik Shampoo.

16. Mawsynram a Village in India is the Wettest Place in the World.

16. Mawsynram a Village in India is the Wettest Place in the World

Mawsynram a village on Khasi Hills in Meghalaya receives the more average rainfall in the world and you cannot get another one place to compare with.

I love Wettest places, I want to travel to those places once a while but here every time wet conditions I don’t like to live there.

The reason for heavy rain and wet conditions is due to the clouds blocked by the Himalayan Ranges, the rainfall raises up to 12m which converts into rivers. The people who are living here never come out from their homes without having Umbrella.

Only December and January are the breath-taking conditions because of less wet conditions and rainfall will be around 60mm.

keep visiting this page we’ll add a lot more interesting and shocking facts about India soon.

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