Simple Sorting Size is Leaving Netizens Awestruck

Simple Sorting Size is Leaving Netizens Awestruck, Viral Video, Twitter, Latest News, Sorting Technique
Sorting Size is Leaving Netizens Awestruck - Viral Vedio

Sorting vegetables and fruits by their sizes are one of the most important tasks in the business. It is time-consuming and manual business which takes a lot of labor work.

Indian’s known for their way to find a quick and easy way to do work which we call as ‘Jugaad’ has yet another video which has gone viral recently. It is of the person who is sorting pomegranate fruit by its size which is simple and easy where it can be done by anyone.

In the video, a person is seen sorting the fruit by its size simply by letting it go down two metal rods. The fruits when left at the starting point will slide down and fall into the basket according to their sizes.

Netizens are commenting praises to this Indian Jugaad and they are awestruck with this man’s innovative idea.

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