Sir Mark Cubbon Statue Removed and Moved into the Park Premises

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Sir Mark Cubbon Statue

For decades, the statue of Sir Mark Cubbon which was overlooking the High Court of Karnataka stood still, however citing increased visitors and security around the court the horticulture department has decided to shift the statue in the park premises.

Sir Mark Cubbon was one of the longest-serving British commissioners of Mysore state and his statue overlooked the verdant Cubbon Park in Bangalore.

Speaking about moving the statue in park limits, Dr. M. Jagadish, joint director, Parks, and Public Garden, Horticulture Department, said: “Visitors had to be issued separate passes from the high court. With an increase in the requests to see the statue and keeping in mind the security around the court, the registrar of the high court had requested the shifting of the statue into the Cubbon Park.

“Following recommendations from the experts’ advisory committee, we have decided to install it in front of the bandstand enclosure.”

With the help of PWD, the horticulture department has moved the statue from the previous location to the new location which is in front of the bandstand enclosure in Cubbon Park.

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