Sky Dining in Bengaluru – A Restaurant Let’s You Eat In The Sky

Sky dinning in bengaluru, Sky restaurant in bengaluru

Garden City Lovers! Ready to experience the beautiful Sky Dining in Bengaluru? Amazing viewpoint covering Nagawara Lake and Manyata Tech Park with a height of 160 feet max with the slow rotation of 360 degrees.

This is a new Restaurant in Bangalore, we provide you the complete information on Air dining, Prices, Offers and Discounts, Contact details, Activities, Safety Measures, Location, Timings, Menu, Age Limit and more…

The youth of Bengaluru loves doing all the unique and adventurous things! For what Bengaluru is famous for?

This is the first city to have street lighting also, the first city to have its own logo, a taxi-helicopter, the safest city in India lies above the sea level of 3000 ft height, world’s best home for Silicon Valley and the list goes on. So, let’s move on to the exciting events at this Air Dining restaurant!

New Sky Dining Restaurant In Bengaluru

Bangalore has created another spectacular and unusual event for adventure seekers. It is the first in India, Bangalore is the only city that begins to eat in the sky.

You’ll be trapped in mid-air 120 feet above the ground with a well-structured design that illustrates the silicon aerial view of the city.

Sky Dining creates a feeling of being in the middle of heaven and earth. It is well designed by Top Engineers in accordance with the German standard DIN 4112 for the structure. So, don’t fear you’ll be safe!

This concept of Sky dining is located in more than 45 countries but for the first time in India, you can experience this in Bengaluru near Hebbal(Nagawara) next to Manyata Tech Park.

Owners say: Already 150 people had tried this new experience from the start of 2 days itself and hope more people come and enjoy the dining we serve.

It contains 22 seats with a couple of staff members containing Chef, Photographer, Bartender and a waiter.

A Romantic Incident Took Place: On Saturday, the first weekend after the launch, a young man from Bengaluru was lucky when he proposed to his girlfriend at a height of 180 feet.

Avinash J, managing partner of Sky Lounge said, “I was extremely happy and continued by saying that the couple had the best experience of their lives, and the girl was delighted with the idea of being offered at such a height with a magnificent view”.

There is no such age limit fixed to have Sky Dining experience, Children’s are allowed but they have to be accomplished by adults.

Being said, there is eligibility for any individual whose height should contain a minimum of 135 cm.

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How Much Does It Cost For Sky Restaurant?

Prices are variable between weekdays and weekends and also slightly different for a dinner.

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday)

* Mocktail (Non-alcoholic drinks) Session: Rs.3999, GST included (offering Mocktail and complimentary snacks)
* Dinner Session: Rs.6999, GST included (offering Mocktail and complimentary snacks)

Weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

* Mocktail (Non-alcoholic drinks) Session: Rs.4999, GST included (offering Mocktail and complimentary snacks)
* Dinner Session: Rs.7999, GST included (supply of non-alcoholic cocktails and complimentary snacks)

What’s On The Sky Dine Menu?

The menu follows as described: The Mocktail Session includes a drink and some snacks. Whereas, Dinner Session includes grilled chicken (or sauteed vegetables) with rice with herbs, croquettes, and bruschetta. In addition, a fruit plate and a Mocktail drink.

Food is not prepared live but only served in mid-air. This Sky dining contains the experience of having less food and more adventure type along with your amazing photographs to be remembered.

Special Arrangements for Events on Request

Are you thinking the option to have just like McDonald’s to celebrate Birthday parties, Yes it is possible here to make the arrangement before the event.

Not only that, you can book for Business meetings, Product launch, Get together, New Year Party, wedding celebrations, and for many more…

What About The Safety Measures?

Although this is an innovative concept, it is not new. In 2008, he was hosted in Chandigarh by CCPL Hospitality.

In addition, it is currently available in more than 45 countries. Guests must use safety belts, while staff members are also properly tied with safety harnesses.

TUV Rheinland, in Germany, has tested all planning from flying structures: instructions for calculation and execution, as well as all drawings and simulations, are taken care of.

From the seat belts to the type of crane used, it has been carefully examined and studied to ensure maximum safety for customers and employees are been maintained, so no need to worry about safety.

Before dinner, a supervisor informs customers with a safety video, which gives you proper guidelines.

In case, if you have any emergency the crane will take you down within a few minutes.

Timings To Visit 

At present there are only 4 Sessions starts from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Mocktail Session :

1) Session 1 – 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

2) Session 2 – 5:45 PM to 6:15 PM

3) Session 3 – 6:45 PM to 7:15 PM

Dinner Session

Currently, there is only 1 Dinner Session – 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM

How to Book For Sky Dining?

Is it not an incredible experience? Pre-Bookings are now open to reserve your table for dinner and Mocktail.

Order now to enjoy your favorite dish with your loved ones, with a magnificent view. In addition, you can even organize corporate meetings and appointments with clients. So, what are you waiting to start booking?

For more details, visit the official website:

Where Is It Located?

Kempapura Main Road, Nagavara Lake, Hebbal, Near Manyata Tech Park, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024.

Location: GoogleMap

If you have any queries you can call Pho: 072038 39149