Beaches, Mountains, Hills, or Cities Which Places Would You Prefer to Travel This Year?

Yearly people travel to different destinations for various reasons. Be it a vacation, business, leisure, destination weddings, honeymoon, and many more. With social media giving us an insight into the different countries, cities, and unexplored places, this poll has been created to know which place would you prefer to travel.

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    1. Eat croissants in one of the restaurants in Eiffel Tower, Paris or Drink tea overlooking the London Bridge?

    • Paris, Eiffel Tower, Poll, Travel, Entertainment
    • London Bridge, Travel, Entertainment poll
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    2. Enjoy spectacular views of Thai caves or go for a swim in the Hawaiian beach?

    • Thai caves, Travel, Thailand, Poll
    • go for a swim in the Hawaiian beach, Travel poll
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    3. Visit the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or look at the craziest skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi?

    • Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Entertainment poll, Travel
    • skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, Poll on travel
      Abu Dhabi
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    4. Munch on flavored Kit-Kats or stuff your face with Korean barbeque?

    • Munch on flavored Kit-Kats, Japan, Tokyo Poll
    • Korean barbeque, Seoul, Travel Poll
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    5. Bask in the Sri-Lankan sun and enjoy the wildlife or visit the temples and get to know the Malaysian culture ?

    • Bask in the Sri-Lankan sun, Poll, Travel
      Sri Lanka
    • Malaysian culture, Temples, Travel, Poll
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    6. Visit the tombs in Egypt or look at the Uluru Rock change colors during sunset in Australia?

    • Visit the tombs in Egypt, Travel Poll
    • Uluru Rock change colors during sunset in Australia, Travel Poll
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    7. Dance to the parades in Brazil or travel to the wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa?

    • Dance to the parades in Brazil, Travel Poll
    • travel to the wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa, Travel Poll
      South Africa
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    8. Try some whale meat in Greenland or watch the northern lights in Iceland?

    • whale meat in Greenland, Travel Poll
    • watch the northern lights in Iceland, Travel Poll
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    9. Be awestruck by Moscow’s architecture or breathtakingly picturesque, Croatia’s walled towns ?

    • Be awestruck by Moscow's architecture, Travel Poll, Entertainment
    • Croatia's walled towns, Travel Poll
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    10. Swim in beautiful beaches in Bali or stay in one of the villas overlooking the sea?

    • Swim in beautiful beaches in Bali, Travel Poll
    • Maldives Beach, Travel Poll

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