Do You Feel Our Work Culture Make Sense?

If you are working in an office as an employee then definitely you have to take this poll and tell us your situation based on the work culture that makes sense to you or not?

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    1. I will be more effective in work when my boss _____

    • Set targets
    • Let me free
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    2. I look up the time and say ____

    • Oh god! still 1 more hour left
    • Oh god! only 1 hour left
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    3. I am more productive when I wear ____

    • Formals
    • Casuals
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    4. I feel positive and energetic at ____

    • Morning shift
    • Night shift
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    5. I can concentrate better in the work when ____

    • I work alone
    • I work in a team
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    6. Weekend is coming, what’s your reaction?

    • Yeah! weekend coming
    • Ha! weekend goes away just like that
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    7. When your boss or manager is in leave, what you will do?

    • Chat with colleagues and work less
    • Work as usual
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    8. When you are offered promotion with the same salary, what’s your reaction?

    • Am I looking like fool to work more with same salary
    • Ya, it is good atleast to tell someone I got promotion
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    9. When juniors ask for help, what you will do?

    • Help them
    • Show attitude or seniority
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    10. When your boss appreciate you without any reason, what’s your reaction?

    • hmm, something weird
    • May be some big task is on the way

What do you think?

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