Let’s See Which Eatable You’ll Vote? Sorry in Advance Because It Will Be Neck to Neck Fight

Friends today I am Feeling you are hungry and I want to offer you some eatables, each question will contain 2 options, Poll for the one you want to eat, I bet it is difficult to select one and the last one is epic! Why waiting let’s start…

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    1. Wow! Both Are My Favorite But How Can I Choose Only One? I Can’t Do It, You Try It

    • Piknik Chips, Eatable Poll, Food, Poll, Fun Quiz
      Piknik Chips
    • Wheel Chips, Food Poll, Eatable Poll, Quiz, Fun, Challenge
      Wheel Chips
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    2. Yummy, I Would Say Here You Will Get Confused What to Select

    • Vada pav, Eatable Poll, Poll, Food, Quiz
      Vada Pav
    • Pav bhaji, Eatable Poll, Poll, Food, Quiz
      Pav Bhaji
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    3. On Evening Time Both Are Fresh and Hot, The Smell Is Getting The Attention, Now Tell Me What you Want?

    • Noodles, Eatable Poll, Food, Poll, Quiz
    • Gobi Manchurian, Eatable Poll, Poll, Quiz, Food
      Gobi Manchurian
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    4. Let Me Make You Cool With Ice Cream, Which One Do You Like Most?

    • Chocobar Ice Cream, Eatable Poll, Quiz, Food, Poll
      Chocobar Ice Cream
    • Cone Ice Cream, Eatable Poll, Food, Quiz, Poll
      Cone Ice Cream
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    5. Now Let’s Vote For Some Most Loved Eatables by Everyone

    • French Fries, Eatable Poll, Food, Quiz
      French Fries
    • Onion Rings, Eatable Poll, Quiz, Poll, Food
      Onion Rings
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    6. You Went Outside and In The Way You Saw Mc. Donalds and Pizza Hut and You Are Hungry Too, So Where You Will Go?

    • Burger, Eatable Poll, Quiz
      Mc. Donalds
    • Pizza, Eatable Poll, Quiz, Food, Poll
      Pizza Hut
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    7. Eating Buscuit is Common from Young Age to the Old Age But IF You Have Option, What Do You Choose?

    • Bourbon Biscuit, Eatable Poll, Quiz, Poll, Snacks
      Bourbon Biscuit
    • Hide and Seek Biscuits, Poll, Quiz, Poll
      Hide and Seek Biscuit
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    8. Is Your Stomach Filled Now, Wait We Have Few More Left, Select Any One Below!

    • Samosa, Eatable Poll, Food, Snacks, Quiz
    • Kachori, Eatable Poll, Quiz, Food
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    9. Now It’s Time to Give Some Work to Your Brain, Because Its Pani Puri & Bhel Puri

    • Pani Puri, Eatavle Poll, Quiz, Poll, Snacks, Food
      Pani Puri
    • Bhel Puri, Eatable Poll, Food, Quiz
      Bhel Puri
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    10. Last One Is Difficult, I Am Out of the Game hahaa…

    • Sweet Mango, Eatable Poll, Quiz, Poll
      Sweet Mango
    • Raw Mango, Eatable Poll, Food, Quiz, Poll, Yummy
      Spicy Mango

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