If You Were These Species What Was Your Reaction?

This is a Poll related to different species on earth wherein you will understand the feelings of them and start giving more respect after this poll, and moreover we never compromised to make you entertain. This Poll may give you a lot of brain-work too, let’s start.

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    1. If you were a Dog and were hungry, If a man gives you rotten food, How was your reaction?

    Suppose You Were A Dog and Were Hungry, If a Man Gives You Rotten Food, How Was Your Reaction, Poll, If You Were This Animal What Was Your Reaction,Quiz
    • I was ignoring and going away to search good food
    • I was biting him
    • I was planning and bringing my fellow buddies and making an attack when he is alone
    • I was stealing the food when he is taking from shop to home
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    2. If you were a Mosquito and wants to suck a girl’s blood, and she is making you go away by switching on fan, Which song you wanted to dedicate to her?

    If You Were a Mosquito and Wants to Suck a Girl's Blood, Which Song you were dedicating, Poll, Quiz
    • You and I in this Beautiful World
    • Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you. That is how I know you go on.
    • I love it when you call me senorita, But every touch is ooh-la-la-la
    • The girl is so dangerous, Take away my money, Throw away my time, You can call me honey, but you’re no damn good for me
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    3. If you were a Horse, You are trained by a king to fight against the enemy, You are frustrated and on the war field what were you doing?

    If You Were A Horse, You Are Trained By a King to Fight Against The Enemy, You Are Frustrated and On The War Field What Were You Doing, Horse, Poll, Quiz
    • I was fighting against the enemy to save my king
    • I was making my king fell and run away
    • I was fighting with my King itself for torturing while practice
    • I was not obeying my king’s order. I was standing still and enjoying by seeing how’s my king’s strength is without me
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    4. If you were a Mouse and a Cat wants to eat you, There is no option to escape, How you were pleading?

    If You Were A Mouse and A Cat Wants to Eat You, There is No Option to Escape, How You Were Pleading, Mouse, Poll, Quiz
    • Please leave me, I am sick if you eat me you will get disease, think!
    • Please leave me, I will help you get more food by stealing from the house owner, think!
    • Please leave me, If you eat me now there will be no one from tomorrow to play with you, think!
    • Please leave me, Instead I will bring more mouses from outside so that you can eat them daily, Is the deal ok?
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    5. If you were a Zebra and got a chance to question human, What questions you may ask?

    If You Were A Zebra and Got A Chance to Question Human, What Questions You May Ask, Zebra, Poll, Quiz
    • Hey man you are using my stripes on roads without my permission, shall I put a case on you?
    • Why you people won’t leave me alone as I am, with whose permission you breed me with donkey? If I do the same will you be quite?
    • Can you dare to ride on me just like you do on horse?
    • Do you think my legs are thin and i don’t have strength? Don’t dare so, I can kick even lion to the death
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    6. If you were Kangaroo, What was your choice?

    If You Were Kangaroo, What Was Your Choice, Kangaroo, Poll, Quiz
    • Instead of keeping my baby in pouch i was keeping bombs and attacking enemies in the border
    • I was kicking all corrupt politicians with my legs left and right
    • As I cannot walk backwards, I was teaching human a lesson of life “move forward and never go back”
    • It’s enough being in Australia, now I want to travel the world
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    7. If you were Pigeon and your owner wrote a confidential letter and asked you to deliver, What were you doing?

    If You Were Pigeon and Your Owner Wrote a Confidential letter and Asked You to Deliver, What Were You Doing, Pigeon, Poll, Quiz
    • I was delivering to the concerned person
    • I was straightly delivering to the person who should not read because of owner not giving me proper food
    • I was destroying the letter and coming back
    • I was taking the letter and never coming back
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    8. If you were a Snake, suddenly God came and said to choose any one wish, What will you choose?

    If You Were A Snake, Suddenly God Came And Said Choose Any One Wish, What Will You Choose, Snake, Poll, Quiz, Fun
    • I wish to have wings so that i can fly like birds, fed up living in mud holes
    • I wish to have hands and legs, so that i can cook tasty food like humans
    • I wish to have the power of speaking because I want to question humans why they worship me on festivals and kill me other days
    • I wish to watch netflix, when i am bored (What hahaa…)
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    9. If you were Honey Bee? What was your option?

    If You Were Honey Bee, What Was Your Option, Honey Bee, Poll, Quiz
    • I was constructing my home with Chilli Powder instead of Sweet to teach Human a lesson
    • I was leaving strings in my home
    • I was constructing my home separately instead of group construction at one place
    • I was changing the shape of the construction so that Human should think it is something else and do not disturb me
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    10. At last, If you were a Crow, What questions you may ask humans?

    At last, If You Were Crow, What Questions You May Ask Humans, Crow, Poll, Quiz
    • Why do you show love for Pigeons and Hate for me?
    • Why do you feel bad touching me, because I am black?
    • Why do you give me routine dead rats, why don’t you give me Burger, French Fries and all?
    • When the tank is filled and water is overflowing, why do you switch off the motor quickly? Here I will be thirsty

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