“Joey doesn’t share food!”

Food is something that we are united by. We need fuel in the form of food to survive, but there are absolutely some foods that are only eaten in very specific circumstances. The link between food and mood has been established by hundreds of scientific studies. Well, these are the food questions for you. If you think of yourself as a bit of a foodie, then this is the poll for you.

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    1. Rice is the ultimate fuel to our body. Do you like

    • Biryani, Food Poll, Entertainment, Versus Poll
      a) Biryani
    • Rice and curry, Entertainment Poll, Food Poll, Versus
      b) Rice and curry
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    2. We all vibe to this on weekends.

    • Pizza, Food Poll, Entertainment, Versus Poll
      a) Pizza
    • Burger, Food Poll, What's your choice, Entertainment
      b) Burger
  • Question of

    3. All time favorite. Which snack would you eat when you are hungry ?

    • Momos, Food Poll
      a) Momos
    • Pakoda, Food Poll, Entertainment
      b) Pakoda
  • Question of

    4. Do you have a sweet tooth ?

    • Chocolate, Food Poll
      a) Chocolate
    • Mithai, Food Poll, Versus Poll
      b) Mithai
  • Question of

    5. Which was your favorite school lunch?

    • Maggi, Versus Food Poll
      a) Maggi
    • Roti with Jam, Food Poll
      b) Roti with Jam
  • Question of

    6. Best breakfast that makes your day?

    • Dosa, Food Poll, Versus Poll
      a) Dosa
    • Paratha, Food Poll
      b) Paratha
  • Question of

    7. Dinner date food you would always go for.

    • Sushi, Food Poll
      a) Sushi
    • Pasta, Food Poll, Versus Poll
      b) Pasta
  • Question of

    8. Would you eat something cold during winters or hot ?

    • Ice cream, Food Poll
      a) Ice cream
    • Gobi Manchurian, Food Poll
      b) Gobi Manchurian
  • Question of

    9. Can you eat more spicy or not ?

    • Spicy food, Food Poll
      a) Spicy food
    • Boiled food, Versus, Food Poll
      b) Boiled food
  • Question of

    10. A drink when you are very thirsty?

    • Water, Food Poll, Versus, Entertainment
      a) Water
    • Lime juice, Food Poll
      b) Lime juice

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